Canadian Parcel Delivery


Whether you are shipping directly from the US to Canada or through a Canadian distribution point, Landmark Global will provide a comprehensive strategy for enhanced service and ultimate cost effectiveness. We will counsel your company on the various options to export your product to this very dynamic and robust marketplace.

Canada is the largest trading partner with the United States and is in close proximity to the contiguous 48 states. Canada is bound by very strict regulations related to the importation of goods which can complicate doing business within their borders. Landmark Global will enable US companies to eliminate these barriers and create a complete and seamless strategy of marketing and distribution to Canadian businesses and consumers.

Through an extensive cross-border relationship with Canada’s premier transportation providers, Landmark Global provides an end-to-end US to Canada transportation and shipping solution.

US to Canada Cross Border Clearance

  • Landmark Global designs and implements cross-border transportation solutions: (US to Canada)
  • Multiple border crossing points into Canada, managed on our own equipment to provide the highest level of accountability during the most complex and important component of the supply chain
  • Parcel, Courier, LTL and TL end delivery solutions through a network of qualified and highly experienced delivery partners
  • Warehousing and distribution from within Canada, allowing your company to have a full Canadian presence
  • Returns Management – southbound parcel distribution to the US from Canada
  • Special handling services including: regulated and controlled goods, high value goods and time sensitive deliveries
  • Landmark Global provides the following customs and brokerage services:
  • Fast and easy electronic customs clearance
  • Low value shipment customs clearance (LVS)
  • High value shipment customs clearance (PARS/Commercial)
  • Courier remission order clearance (less than 20.00 CAD in value)
  • Non resident importer setup and implementation
  • Product database harmonization with duty and tax calculation
  • Returns management including duty and tax recovery
  • Duty and tax collection, including Collect on Delivery and Hosted Checkout

Mail Delivery Solutions

  • Located in Windsor, Ontario, Landmark Global offers a wide array of mail services including:
  • Statement & invoice printing and processing
  • First Class: Injet/Cheshire Indicia application
  • Data cleansing and address accuracy services
  • Compliant postal paperwork administration
  • Addressed Admail sorting and postal injection (NDG and LCP)
  • Polywrap, bundling, bagging and tagging
  • Publication mail sorting (LCP)
  • Return mail services and PO Box sweep