Part of a company’s success relies on its leaders’ ability to successfully keep the business on the cutting edge. Every industry is advancing more and more rapidly, especially as technology pushes e-tail to new heights. Now that consumers have greater access to companies all over the world, those businesses must rise to the challenge, and that means embracing e-commerce – and developing a strategy that is flexible and agile enough to remain effective through whatever changes may come.

In a global market, e-commerce is king
International commerce is not going anywhere anytime soon – in fact, just the opposite. In 2014, global e-commerce sales neared $1.5 trillion USD, according to eMarketer. By 2018, that number is forecast to grow to over $2.35 trillion USD with steady increases each year. This trend would suggest any company should be glad to become a preferred e-tailer among consumers all over the world.

Having said that, competition will be stiff. E-tailers that optimize their business strategy for global demand will rise to the top, while those that focus only on more local markets will not be likely to achieve the same growth. Still, e-tail strategies are not all equal – and as the industry continues to develop, the best method will be the one that has the most comprehensive approach to e-commerce.

A top-tier global fulfillment strategy
The most important aspect of successful e-tail is reliable and efficient fulfillment – in other words, the company’s ability to deliver the right products to customers in a timely manner wherever they are. There is a lot that goes into pulling off cross-border delivery and many e-tailers mistakenly undertake that objective without the proper experience, credentials or know-how. Rather than analyzing which markets to break into first and developing a sound strategy beforehand, some companies get too ambitious too quickly.

While e-commerce and cross-border fulfillment can definitely push an e-tailer to the forefront of its industry, it is important these companies do not take on more than they can handle. Overstepping its capabilities will ultimately hurt any e-business. Instead, e-tailers can partner with an independent logistics company like Landmark Global, which has ample experience in implementing a cross-border fulfillment, delivery and returns platform – along with a range of other capabilities.

We can support an e-tailer to identify which markets present the best growth opportunities, add value and can help the business establish an effective presence there. Plus, Landmark Global’s proprietary software platform is capable of transforming a website that was designed for only one customer base into an optimized page that displays relevant currency, payment methods and delivery options. It is features like these, along with a reliable team dedicated to seeing a sale through from order placement to delivery, which will allow an e-tailer to remain one step ahead of the competition.


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