Part 2/4: Making it actionable
Getting your direct mail piece into the hands of a (potential) client accomplishes only the first step of your direct mail marketing mission. Next, you must convince the recipient to read and to respond to your message in a positive way. This difficult task can be made much easier by keeping a few simple rules in mind.

Make it compelling
The message must capture the attention and interest of prospects/clients to the extent that they will drop whatever they are doing to respond to your call to action. You need a headline that immediately arouses curiosity and promises some kind of benefit. Featuring a bonus offer prominently on the front of the direct mail piece can also help boost response rates.

Make it simple and easy
People have very short attention spans—as brief as eight seconds
, according to National Center for Biotechnology Information, US National Library of Medicine. If they have to go hunting for information, they’ll get annoyed or bored. You need to keep these potential customers positive and engaged. The use of graphics is also important since, according to date gathered by MDG Advertising, content sprinkled with compelling images gets 94% more total views on average. A mobile barcode printed on your direct mail piece will make it easy for smartphone users to reach your website. Other direct mail recipients, however, will have to type the URL to your website by themselves. To make it easier for these people, and to boost response rates, ensure that the URL isn’t too complicated or long, or has an odd spelling. You want the URL to be memorable so that if the prospective customer isn’t near a computer or web-enabled mobile device while reading your direct mail piece, it can be easily recalled when web access does become available. For potential clients who may prefer to respond by traditional mail, include an easy-to-use pre-stamped, pre-addressed envelope—for example, the Easy Response solution from Landmark Global. Studies conducted by bpost show that this technique can increase your response rate to up to 17%.

Make it credible
People these days are deluged by direct mail pieces, often from questionable sources offering dubious “deals”. To enhance credibility and actionability, your piece should use professionally written copy incorporating perfect grammar and spelling. Your mailing should also be professionally designed and printed. Finally, to further boost recipient confidence in your material, make sure that your direct mail piece includes both a phone number and street address.

While email and social media marketing are becoming increasingly popular, most major businesses haven’t abandoned their direct mail campaigns for one simple reason—they work!  By designing highly actionable, web-friendly direct mail pieces, you can boost response rates to combine the strengths of both traditional direct mail and cutting-edge digital marketing.
As you begin planning your direct marketing campaign, remember that Landmark Global can help you develop a customized solution and reach potential clients worldwide quickly and efficiently.

In the third part of this series about the effectiveness of direct mail, we will focus on how you can make your direct mail more functional.


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