With accurate direct mail customers are more likely to remain loyal, and give a company repeat business. Companies handling direct mail for their customers also need to ensure each mailing piece is designed to produce the maximum impact, delivered on time and with, of course, the correct addressing.

The rise in direct mail 
According to the UK’s Royal Mail Group, as customers face email fatigue and the novelty wears off banner advertising, direct mail is again outperforming digital in terms of ROI. Direct mail also produces a high response rate – more than 92% of direct mail was opened and 48% of UK adults took action after receiving direct mail last year. Canada Post found that direct mail was Canadians’ preferred promotional media surveyed: the largest group of respondents (19%) ranked flyers in the mailbox as their top choice, followed closely by personally addressed letters (17%). These channels were followed by email (14%), television (12%), and flyers in the newspaper. Direct mail can complement digital options. According to a 2013 Direct Marketing Association report, nearly half of people surveyed (44%) said they had been driven online by an interesting piece of physical post.

Mail sorting and automation
Investing in state-of-the-art technologies and equipment, whether this be sorting, addressing machines or mail folder/inserters or scanners to handle personalized mail in volume, is a must when it comes to accuracy. SingPost (Singapore Post) announced in May that it was going to invest € 58.6 million to improve production, including the replacement of its mail sorting machines. Meanwhile in India, Seshaasai, the largest authorized mailing agent for India Post, has updated its systems and has completed automation for auto-stuffing, self mailer fabrication and high-speed electronic postal franking and sorting machines.

The power of the last mile delivery
While many companies focus on the “creative” aspect of a direct mail campaign, such as including a “scent” on their mailings, the actual postal and delivery aspects are also crucial. Companies need a choice of options, such as addressed advertising mail and unaddressed mail. Fulfillment companies need to keep up with the trend towards marketing automation and mass personalization: adding a “local look” to the mailing piece can help boost response rates.

Success story
For example, Landmark Global helped one of its Belgian clients, The Mailing Factory, who wanted to send – on behalf of one of its own customers – a mailing for winter tires to customers spread throughout Europe.
The concept of the mailing was to send a postcard to look like it had been sent by someone in Norway. To get the direct mailing to look really authentic and local, Landmark Global worked in collaboration with Norwegian Post. Although the mailing originated in Belgium it looked like it had been sent by a Norwegian resident – it even had a Norwegian stamp on it. The recipients were extremely surprised to receive a postcard from Norway and the campaign turned out to be a major success. Vincent Alexandre, director of The Mailing Factory, said:  “This approach proved really successful in our campaign and we have been getting optimal results from this targeted mailing! The local touch of this DM has really made the difference”.

If you also want to create a successful mailing campaign like the Mailing Factory contact our team who will be happy to advise you.


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