English is the most widely used language in the world – and probably the first language you had your website translated into. While the British market is naturally a destination market to sell to for etailers, let’s not forget another characteristic of the United Kingdom – it is a cosmopolitan country. Some 23% of the population speak French, 9% German and 8% Spanish.

The UK is number one in Europe when it comes to e-commerce – leading the way in terms of turnover, proportion of e-commerce in the national economy, penetration of m-commerce, and expenditure per shopper. Moreover, 4 etailers in the top 10 in Europe are based in the United Kingdom. The UK is an exceptionally mature e-commerce market with sales figures that continue to grow: they rose by 16% in 2013 to more than €109 billion.

In our factsheet on e-commerce in the United Kingdom, you will find out more about this key market.


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