The Canadian e-commerce market is growing quickly, as young adults flock to digital shopping channels and consumers become more comfortable using the web to make purchases.

Apparel and accessories represent the largest market for e-commerce, with books, music and videos coming in at second and consumer electronics rounding out the top three. While these are major markets for e-commerce in general, the Canadian segment is also marked by increased consumer confidence and, as a result, a move toward purchasing a wider range of goods online.

While e-commerce is thriving in the nation, Canada’s geography also poses unique challenges for merchants serving the market. The nation is among the largest in the world, and shoppers are particularly interested in free and convenient shipping. As such, businesses must develop strategies to move goods over long distances as efficiently as possible. Canada’s close relationship with the U.S. also adds complexity to this situation, as many retailers must be prepared to ship goods across national borders.

With online shopping rising in a hurry and consumers turning to diverse goods from varied sources, merchants must take a careful, strategic approach to optimize operations so they can stand out in the market.


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