Like the other Nordic nations, Norway is experiencing rapid e-commerce industry growth as consumers flock to online shopping to get what they need. E-commerce is emerging as a mainstream practice even for everyday purchases as grocery shopping stands out as one of the fastest-growing segments in the sector.

While Norway stands out as a lucrative and bustling market for online retail in Northern Europe, it isn’t always simple to serve consumers in the nation. As Norway is not part of the European Union, goods go through a more stringent customs process as they move across borders. This can lead to delays in shipping and, in particular, returns, when Norwegian shoppers are purchasing goods from EU nations.

Despite these challenges, the e-commerce market in Norway continues to ascend, and shoppers nationwide are embracing the freedom to control their experiences. Personalized customer journeys are emerging as a priority across the Nordic countries, and Norway isn’t an exception. As such, retailers serving the region may want to consider how they can provide flexible options that promote consumer choice.

With these trends in mind, check out our e-commerce fact sheet on Norway for more details.


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