Russia is among the most predominant emerging markets according to e-commerce specialists. With its favourable policy and import tax only being payable on purchases over €1000 (the calculation being performed on a monthly basis), there is good reason for foreign e-tailers to show interest.

Russia boasts the largest online community in Europe with some 71 million Internet users. B2C e-commerce generated €10.5 billion in 2013, and yet this revenue only accounts for 2.2% of global retail sales. Analysts believe that this figure, which is already colossal, will increase dramatically over the coming years, with growth of up to 50% according to some estimates.

While the potential of the Russian market is in no doubt, it is worth drawing attention to the complexity of the market. Not everyone is able to make a fortune in Russia, and even some experienced express courier services have been forced to suspend their activities in the country. However, you can rest assured that Landmark Global has developed a partnership with the largest local alternative operator in order to ensure peace of mind for its e-tailer customers and satisfaction among end customers.

In this factsheet on Russian e-commerce, you’ll find tips on how to penetrate this particular market with understanding.


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