Part 3/4: Making it functional
Making sure direct mail is effective and functional enough to achieve the maximum return on your investment requires an organised approach. Whom business owners approach and how they promote their offer can make or break a campaign, while measuring results can mean success in the future.

Mailing list
The mailing list is a key part of any direct marketing campaign and must be well thought out. According to CRM Trends, the list selection and the offer will affect 80% of your company’s response rate. Businesses need to ensure they have an appropriate database and that any duplicate contacts are deleted. Mailing lists can be compiled using information from directories or they can be based on people who have already responded to your company’s marketing. You can also buy a database containing lists of contacts.
Adopting a creative approach to setting up an effective mailing list can ensure you tap into all potential customers. For example, if you are active in a B2B environment, you could develop new contacts by identifying other businesses that share similar characteristics to those who are already regular customers, such as the number of employees they have and their revenue range.

The offer
A company’s offer, which is designed to entice people into making a purchase, must meet a specific need and demonstrate that it is good value, particularly in relation to competitors. Describe how customers and prospects will benefit from your product and how they can reap its rewards straight away. You can do this by focusing on pricing or providing a discount, trial or upgrade to emphasise the advantages of the offer.

Tracking your results
Measuring the success of a campaign ensures that business owners manage their direct mail effectively and helps them to better target their campaigns in the future. Using a dedicated URL can enable a company to measure how much traffic a particular mailing has generated to its website. For example, a US university used different URLs to measure the success of a direct mail campaign. Both a personalised URL (which we discussed in the first part of this series) and a generic URL were associated with a postcard mailing that targeted business professionals and alumni respectively. This meant it could not only measure how many in each group responded to the postcard, but also distinguish its results from a public advertising campaign that had a different URL.

Targeting these key areas can help businesses to develop functional direct mail that achieves results. Landmark Global helps businesses everyday, ensuring that their direct marketing campaigns generate a highly effective response and return on their investment. See more on our solutions page. In the next article we will be looking at how creativity can enhance a company’s message.


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