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Looking to grow your international ecommerce business?

Landmark Global is the trusted international logistics partner, powering your e-commerce growth. Count on us to handle your cross-border e-logistics.

We ship to more than 220 destinations around the world, delivering an efficient and cost-effective cross-border service. Our operational and commercial hubs are strategically located close to our clients, ensuring local expertise with global reach.

  • International parcel delivery
  • Hassle-free customs clearance
  • Flexible returns management
  • Ecommerce Fulfillment
  • Cross-Border mail delivery

International Parcel Delivery

International Parcel Delivery made easy. We ship to more than 220 destinations around the world, delivering an efficient and cost-effective cross-border service.

Customs Clearance

We have been busy pioneering modern trade solutions, leveraging our in-house customs expertise, enabling you to expand seamlessly into new territories and reach new customers.

Returns Management

We leverage our online returns portal to get returns back to you safely, handling everything from the labeling to inbound clearance and transportation back to your facility.


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We are highly competitive to these lanes, among others.

  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • UK
  • USA

Talk to one of our e-logistics experts today, and let's reach your global customers together.

Our customers include some of the biggest brands in e-commerce as well as innovative companies that are looking to grow globally.

Read more about their experiences.

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Our customers expect a reliable delivery, but not at any price. Working with Landmark Global enables smartphoto to have an excellent balance between speed and cost of delivery.

Frederik De Grove

Landmark Global is one of our best partners in Europe

František Moravec

The agility, quality service and personalised support that we enjoy are real assets.

Benoît Mascot

Your webshop parcels, delivered worldwide with our ecommerce parcel delivery services

Delivery to more than 220 destinations worldwide

Best carrier mix with range of delivery options

Seamless IT integration and onboarding

End-to-end tracking and customer support

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