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> Maximise E-commerce Growth with smooth Parcel Delivery to USA and Canada

Maximise E-commerce Growth with smooth Parcel Delivery to USA and Canada

30 mayo 2023 |

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Delivering packages to and within North America has always been a core service for Landmark Global. Changes in automation and routing from our state-of-the-art facilities at London Heathrow has speeded up and optimised delivery even more. Discover how we can power your e-commerce growth to the USA and Canada.

Shipping parcels to and within North America is part of Landmark Global’s history and DNA. With the strong presence, operational footprint and local expertise of Landmark Global US we serve the domestic market with full national coverage, as well as cross-border to US from UK, EU and Asia origins. From the UK, we deliver your US parcels within 3 to 6 days and often much faster, with 3 days delivery to the major metro areas on the Eastern and Western seabords. Moreover, you can count on smooth T86 customs clearance for all shipments.

The recently opened logistics centre at London Heathrow, with a fully automated parcel distribution and in-house pallet screening, gives an extra boost to our international service level. On top of making shipping parcels from the UK easier, it also facilitates trans-shipment of cross-border parcels from Europe, benefitting from increased line haul options from Heathrow.

Our goal has been to make cross-border parcel delivery to the US as fast and seamless that it feels for the end-customer as smooth as any local domestic delivery.

Jonathan Matchett, SVP Landmark Global UK

Optimizing Parcel Delivery with Best-in-Class Carrier Mix

When sending your parcels to the US, we optimise the routing and final mile service selected, based on parcel weight, dimensions and zip code. Zone skipping and effective downstream access are managed via multiple entry gateways - New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. We select the best last-mile delivery service and local courier for your packages. All shipments have full parcel tracking, end to end. And our inhouse electronic customs clearance service ensures a smooth process pre-arrival.

If your e-commerce growth journey ultimately leads you to wanting local market inventory, we can help with that too. Landmark Global US and our sister company Radial the full range of fulfillment and value added services.

Delivering Excellence: Best-in-Class Parcel Delivery to Canada

At the centre of our delivery model is our own courier service across Canada, Apple Express, in combination with complementary local partners. With access to multiple gateways, zone skipping and in-house customs clearance, we support 3 to 6 day delivery days across Canada and even next day delivery to the greater Toronto area.

Apple Express’ reach continues to grow. Transport with 2 alternating drivers to the West Coast offers a very compelling new road option from Toronto.

Having extensive local experience in the Canadian market is crucial for providing seamless parcel delivery services. At Landmark Global, we understand the importance of full coverage across the entirety of Canada, including regional areas. Our focus on infrastructure and deep knowledge of the business culture in each location allows us to optimize our delivery lanes and ensure a smooth experience for our customers.

Nasser Syed, CEO Apple Express

Enhancing Supply Chain Visibility and Control with Technology-Driven Solutions

Our proprietary system, Mercury, brings together tracking, reporting and accounting in one easy-to-use platform, giving you full visibility of your supply chain and keeping you in control. It also offers plug and play integration with all the major e-commerce and order management systems allowing you to manage shipments around the world easily and efficiently. In addition, it generates information for end customers who want to stay updated on delivery times, reducing pressure on customer service teams.