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The trusted international logistics partner, powering your ecommerce growth.

International Parcel Delivery & Logistics | Landmark Global

Parcel Delivery

Returns Management

Customs Clearance

International Mail Delivery

Parcel delivery made easy

At Landmark Global, we are experts in transporting, clearing, and delivering e-commerce products directly to customers all over the world.

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500 + leading e-commerce customers

75 commercial partners

25 facilities across 4 continents


Flexible returns management

We make handling returns as smooth and simple as possible, with a range of flexible solutions depending on your destination, speed and size of parcel.

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Customs Clearance

We combine in-house compliance expertise with a local presence in key e-commerce markets to ensure your shipments are processed efficiently.

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International mail delivery

We provide you with extensive knowledge and experience in mail delivery globally with daily connections to postal operators worldwide.

Trusted by leading e-commerce companies including