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FULL UK 360 report 2024 Landmark Global Page 01
3 minutes read

The UK market is back in the spotlight | RetailX UK 360° Report

Performance, consumer insights and market dynamics — a 360° view on retail, ecommerce and D2C in the UK. "There’s renewed interest in the UK ecommerce market and sellers want new delivery options", says Jonathan Matchett, Senior Vice President UK at Landmark Global.

Amsterdam 1
4 minutes read

Deliver Amsterdam 2024: Post-Event Summary, Learnings

Deliver Amsterdam is a must-visit event for logistics experts. It’s more than just a conference – it’s an opportunity to network, exchange experiences, and gain a new perspective. This year's edition took place on 5-6 June 2024, bringing together key players in e-commerce, online retail and cross-border trade. What did we learn from the event? Find it out in this summary!

E commerce Sheet Beeld 2022 Germany EN
Less than 1 minute read

Top 10 essential facts about German e-commerce in 2024

In this factsheet covering the German cross-border e-commerce market you can find out, among other things, what countries and online marketplaces German customers buy from and how they like to shop and pay when ordering packages online abroad.

LG Article ICS2 Header x2
4 minutes read

ICS2 Release 3 on 3 June – Be Prepared

On June 3, 2024, the European Union will implement the third and final phase of the Import Control System 2 (ICS2) initiative, a major milestone in enhancing the security and efficiency of international trade – Release 3. This new release aims to tighten customs controls and streamline the importation process for goods entering the EU. What will change, and how do you need to prepare? Find it out in this article.

Hts code 1
5 minutes read

Emerging Markets CEE – Which E-Commerce Markets Should You Explore?

What are the most promising emerging markets in Central-Eastern Europe? Slovenia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Hungary. In this article, we will showcase those markets, providing you with essential information about the trends there and explaining why they are a good direction for your cross-border expansion. Read on to find out more.

Last mile delivery 1
5 minutes read

Shipping Guide to France

What do you need to know about shipping your products to France? First, you need to partner with reliable shipping companies – dependability is a critical factor for French e-consumers. What is more, you need to be able to deliver your products to a variety of pick-up points. Finally, your website must be adjusted for both mobile and PC users.

Apart from the above market trends, you must prepare your shipping strategy and complete all the legal requirements (including getting an e-commerce packaging license). If you want to learn more, read this shipping guide to France – we will answer all your questions!

Country Factsheet Beeld 2022 België EN
Less than 1 minute read

Top 10 essential facts about e-commerce in Belgium in 2024

In this factsheet covering cross-border e-commerce in Belgium you will find, among other things, what countries and online marketplaces Belgians buy from and what other key characteristics apply to Belgium.

Header Canada 1200x627 V01
Less than 1 minute read

Top 10 essential facts about Canadian e-commerce in 2024

As Canada's e-commerce market continues to thrive, staying informed about the latest trends and consumer preferences is crucial for online retailers. Our newly released 2024 E-commerce Country Factsheet provides a comprehensive overview of the Canadian market, highlighting key statistics and actionable insights to help you succeed.

Trends in ecommerce industry
4 minutes read

Latest Trends in E-commerce: What You Should Know?

What are the latest e-commerce trends? Apart from using artificial intelligence and machines for content personalisation, intelligent product recommendations and customer segmentation, we may observe virtual reality and augmented reality becoming crucial elements in e-commerce marketing efforts and the tendency to embrace social commerce. Naturally, the trend to sell cross-border is still prevalent, with new markets emerging as the next opportunities. Do you want to learn more? Then keep reading!

Free delivery
5 minutes read

Choosing a Courier for a Small E-Commerce Business? We'll Help You Decide!

How is choosing a courier for a small e-commerce store different from doing so for a large online shop? First of all, many reputable logistics companies have a high minimum monthly volume, which smaller online stores cannot reach. What is more, while large e-commerces seek scalability, smaller ones look for easy integrations and affordable pricing. That’s why, at Landmark Global, we started Happy-Post, a courier company tailored to the needs of small e-tailers.

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