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International Parcel Delivery & Cross Border Delivery

International Parcel Delivery made easy. We ship to more than 220 destinations around the world, delivering an efficient and cost-effective cross-border parcel shipping. Our operational and commercial hubs are strategically located close to our clients, ensuring local expertise with global reach.

Everything we do is built around our clients’ needs. Our aim is to provide an unparalleled customer experience, and we continually monitor our performance and refine our solutions to ensure we deliver for you on time, every time.

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Our International Parcel Delivery key features:

Local pickup & drop off

Import/export expertise

End-to-end tracking

Carrier neutral intelligence

Various delivery options

Wide range of delivery partners

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Parcel Shipping for Individuals and Small Webshops - Happy-Post (UK Only)

Happy-Post is a pick-up and delivery service that assists e-merchants, private individuals and small businesses in their parcel shipments in the UK and abroad thanks to a simple, fast, secure and cost-effective solution.

Happy-Post is a brand of Landmark Global in the UK.

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High-Quality Foreign Parcel Delivery for Businesses

Foreign market expansion has become an inseparable part of many businesses’ growth strategies. As the world becomes more of a global village, international parcel delivery gains in significance. We understand this at Landmark Global and know the importance of effective and efficient delivery services. Therefore, we offer the highest possible quality at an affordable price.

Our logistic centers play a major role in our effectiveness. Located strategically to have the maximum possible range, they let us deliver your international parcels in a timely manner wherever you wish to send them. With us, you don’t have to worry about delays – we will take care of everything.

International courier shipments for companies

Why Should You Opt for Our International Delivery Service?

At Landmark Global we don’t only offer you just logistics services – we give you our knowledge and experience. We have been handling international parcel deliveries for years, so our processes are carefully designed to be as quick and safe as possible. We are well prepared to overcome any unexpected obstacles and deliver your parcels on time.

What is more, we offer our international trade experience to you as well. We will help you discover new ways to accelerate the growth of your business and to swiftly acquire clients from foreign markets.

Cross Border Delivery

Parcel Delivery Service Tailored to Your Need

Whether you need an e-commerce logistics solution or services adjusted to the specifics of a large corporation, we are here to help. We put your business, no matter small or big, in the centre and provide you with package delivery that is as customised to suit your needs as possible. Take a look at a full list of our services, contact us, and discover how we can help you take your business to the next level.

Find out how we can enable your ecommerce growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of Landmark Global's parcel delivery services?

Key features include local pickup and drop-off, import/export expertise, end-to-end tracking, various delivery options specializing in cross-border logistics, and a wide range of delivery partners.

Does Landmark Global have its own logistics centers?

Yes, Landmark Global has its own logistics centers, which play a key role in the parcel delivery process. They are strategically located so that they have the widest possible reach.

Is Landmark Global helping to grow its clients' businesses internationally?

Landmark Global offers its clients international expertise and helps them discover ways to accelerate international growth. This is possible thanks to a team of experts in international e-commerce logistics.

Where can you send a package with Landmark Global?

Our parcel delivery services include efficient international shipments to more than 220 destinations around the world. Our services involve countries across Europe, North America, Middle-East and Asia.