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International Mail Delivery

We provide you with extensive knowledge and experience in mail delivery globally with daily connections to postal operators worldwide.

Through our membership of the International Post Corporation and the Universal Postal Union, we offer a proven and cost effective solution for everything from on demand marketing communications to high volume daily mailings.

Whether its invoices, payslips, financial communications or direct mail, we will manage your mail flow in a secure and timely manner. Via a user friendly tool you can follow the processing and cost of your deposit.

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Our International Mail Delivery Services key features include:

No minimum volume required

Mail tracking

Domestic services

Deliveries economy/prior, sorted/unsorted

Line-haul expertise by air/road

Managing returns

Find out how we can enable your ecommerce growth.

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International Mail Delivery Services

We have extensive knowledge and experience in mail delivery all around the world, as we cooperate with global postal operators on a daily basis. Thanks to our membership in the International Post Corporation and the Universal Postal Union, we can offer you effective, tested and affordable mailing solutions for different purposes, from e-commerce deliveries to large-scale marketing campaigns.

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Professional Mass-Mailing Solutions for Businesses

Sending letters is an inseparable part of running any business, yet it might take too much time and resources to do it on your own. By working with professionals, like us, you give your employees more time to focus on their most important tasks. You also make sure that the letters will always arrive on time, as experts in the field will handle them.

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Excellent Mail Delivery Services to Build Your Image

Professional international mail delivery is about more than just the letters arriving on time. It is a part of a more complex, strategic process of building your company’s image in the eyes of clients and partners. We, as your reliable and trustworthy logistics partner, are capable of providing that, showing your associates that you can communicate effectively and quickly, thus showing them that you are truly professional.

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E-commerce Mailing Solutions

We also offer sending letters as a part of our e-commerce logistics solutions! No matter whether you’re planning an active mailing marketing strategy, you sell products that fit into regular mail, or you just need to communicate with your partners – we will take care of it professionally, ensuring that the letters make their destination on time and protecting their contents along with the personal data. Contact us now and discover the whole range of opportunities that will open to you by having your letters delivered by professionals!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between high volume daily mailings and standard mail?

International Mail Delivery is a complete solution for companies, covering the delivery of large volumes of letters and documents, both marketing and daily, in a secure and timely way.

What is the minimum number of parcels I need to send to use the International Mail Delivery?

Our International Mail Delivery service has no minimum volume requirement, which gives companies the flexibility to use our service.