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Flexible Returns Management

Seamless international returns management solutions that are easy to implement and cost effective. We leverage our online returns portal in Mercury with our vast worldwide postal network to get returns back to you safely, handling everything from the labeling to inbound clearance and transportation back to your facility.

Cross Border Delivery

Our Return Management key features include:

Integration providing access to our extensive suite of services

Managing returns according to your needs

Flexible scheduling

In-country consolidation of goods

Duty drawback, credits program and reporting

Return to your local hub

Find out how we can enable your ecommerce growth.

Returns management service

Gain an Advantage with Efficient Returns Management

Returns management is an integral part of any store, physical or online. In e-commerce, where the customer is unable to physically access the product before the purchase, this process becomes even more significant. Therefore, it is crucial that your business is prepared to handle returns with the same quality of service as for sales.

At Landmark Global, we offer you e-commerce returns solutions that will make these processes hassle-free for your customers, while ensuring that the products return to you safe and sound. We incorporate returns management into our logistic operations to reduce the hidden costs of returns and make the process seamless for both your customers and you. With us, handling returns will become more than an obligation – it will be an advantage you hold over your competitors.

Returns for companies

E-commerce Returns Management Solution

Our e-commerce logistic solutions include returns management and delivery, all monitored easily through an online platform. It is affordable, easy to implement and, most importantly, comfortable.

With our returns management services, you will not have to worry about anything connected to returns. From labelling to delivery – we will take care of the whole process, while you will be able to oversee it in our intuitive returns management tool.

Returns management for ecommerce

International Returns Management

At Landmark Global, we don’t only specialise in domestic returns – we also have experience in international returns management. We have knowledge of the customs regulations and logistic requirements in every country that we operate in, and our infrastructure enables us to deliver returned packages efficiently.

Our international returns services will be the perfect choice if you wish to expand your business to a foreign market yet you don’t want to commit fully yet and build an infrastructure of your own. Contact us now and learn how we can help you conquer the markets in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Landmark Global offer for returns management?

Landmark Global provides seamless returns management solutions that are easy to implement and cost-effective, including an online returns portal and worldwide network for efficient returns handling.

Will the parcel be tracked at all times during its return?

Yes, we provide full tracking of return shipments so that you can keep up to date with their status throughout the process.

Does Landmark Global handle returns online?

Yes, in order to make returns processes as quick and simple as possible, Landmark offers an online returns portal Mercury. Combined with a vast worldwide network, this is an efficient and safe solution.

Can Landmark Global handle international returns?

Yes, Landmark Global specialize in international returns, with knowledge of customs regulations and logistic requirements in various countries to efficiently manage returned packages.