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News Overview > Choosing a Courier for a Small E-Commerce Business? We'll Help You Decide!

Choosing a Courier for a Small E-Commerce Business? We'll Help You Decide!

13 May 2024 |

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How is choosing a courier for a small e-commerce store different from doing so for a large online shop? First of all, many reputable logistics companies have a high minimum monthly volume, which smaller online stores cannot reach. What is more, while large e-commerces seek scalability, smaller ones look for easy integrations and affordable pricing. That’s why, at Landmark Global, we started Happy-Post, a courier company tailored to the needs of small e-tailers.

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How Does Choosing a Courier Differ for a Small and Large E-Commerce?

Firstly, let’s take a look at the main differences between choosing a courier for a small and a large online store. What challenges does each of these segments face?

Choosing a Courier for a Small E-Commerce

As a small e-commerce, you face your own challenges – low sales volumes along with limited resources. In consequence, you should focus mainly on:

  • Pricing – Does the solution offer shipment-based pricing or a general monthly fee? The latter, if high, can be a true killer for your online store, though volume-based fees might often cost you more than a decent, general one.

  • Integrations – Many couriers offer platforms which enable you to integrate their services into your webshops or provide you with online shipping calculators. These will help you streamline your delivery process and make more informed decisions.

  • Low minimum volumes – Large, reputable companies often require a certain minimum parcel volume – if it’s too high, you might not be able to work with the particular provider.

  • Reputation – In many markets, customers' trust in the logistics company is key. So, despite the above, you should still search for well-known, reliable providers, such as Happy Post, a company we started to provide effective courier services to smaller e-commerce stores. While it might not have an established reputation yet, it is a part of the bpost group, which means that it has an existing experience with global shipments and a global infrastructure to support its operations.

  • Reach – To keep your e-commerce thriving, you need to ensure that your parcels can actually be delivered to your customers. This means that you need to focus on the range covered by courier services.

Choosing a Courier for a Larger E-Commerce

What do larger e-commerce stores search for when choosing a courier? Here, it’s a bit different, and the main factors are:

  • Scalability – Due to the large volumes of orders shipped by the biggest e-commerce stores, they need a scalable solution. Just a 3-5% difference in the number of orders month-to-month means hundreds of additional parcels that need to be delivered.

  • Reputation and variety – Large online retailers also seek reputable couriers, though they also have the resources to provide more diverse delivery options. Thanks to this, they have a wider reach and can attract more customers.

  • Reliability and speed – With thousands of orders each month, it is crucial for large e-commerce businesses to work with a reliable logistics partner who will ensure that the parcels are delivered without delays. That’s exactly what our e-commerce parcel delivery services are – we will deliver your products on time, every time.

  • Customs aid – While larger e-commerce companies might have a dedicated legal team, it’s difficult for them to manage all cross-border deliveries. Thus, they often seek logistic partners with dedicated customs agents, such as Landmark Global.

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Choosing a Courier for Your Small E-Commerce Store? Pick Happy-Post!

At Landmark Global, we understand the needs of smaller e-commerce stores. Since you need to have a high minimum order volume to work with us, we decided to launch something specifically for smaller e-tailers: our daughter company Happy-Post.

Happy-Post was firstly operational in France, but now we are bringing it to the UK. Why is it the perfect option for smaller e-commerce? Here are a few reasons:

  • Low rates – We understand that price is a significant factor for you. Therefore, Happy-Post offers you the cheapest delivery rates.

  • Integration – The Happy-Post platform can be integrated with your other e-commerce tools, enabling you to streamline the whole process and save time. What is more, it offers you parcel tracking, which is an important feature for most customers.

  • Worldwide deliveries – With Happy-Post, you can have your parcels delivered to most markets around the world, enabling you to embrace cross-border sales from the very beginning, including shipping to markets such as:
  • Extensive infrastructure – Happy Post has a strong base in the UK, France (and a great reputation here!), and several other markets. It lets you deliver your products effectively to numerous drop-off and pick-up points, helping you reach all your customers.

The Takeaway

As you can see, choosing the right courier for a small e-commerce might be a difficult task, since there are many variables that you need to consider. But, with Happy-Post now available in the UK, you don’t have to worry about this any more – you’ve got a reliable, proven courier service at your disposal. So, start shipping with Happy-Post and explore the opportunities for small businesses!

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