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News Overview > How the Landmark Global and IMX merger benefits your e-commerce

How the Landmark Global and IMX merger benefits your e-commerce

28 November 2022 | 4 minutes read

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Landmark Global’s acquisition of IMX benefits both parties and their customers. The expansion of logistics services and scale-up will mean faster deliveries, competitive rates and extra opportunities. Read what Elke Segers of Landmark Global and Laurent Cayet of IMX say about expected synergies for e-tailers.

As a Paris-based internatonal delivery provider established back in 1997, IMX is a long-standing expert offering a wide range of cross-border delivery and return solutions for e-tailers. The acquisition by Landmark Global fits perfectly into the strategy of strengthening its position as a global logistics partner for e-commerce and enhance the quality of service. We asked Elke Segers, SVP Cross-Border Europe at Landmark Global and Laurent Cayet, Managing Director of IMX what tangible benefits our e-commerce customers can expect.

How complementary are your logistics capabilities and what does this mean for customers?

“In the first place,” explains Elke “we get full access to each other's transport hubs in Brussels and Paris, allowing optimising shipments towards northern destinations or the US and Canada for IMX and towards the south of Europe for Landmark Global. “We are also bringing together our network of logistics partners (carriers), enabling us to offer our e-tailers more and better shipping solutions than before,” adds Laurent. “This will increase volumes and throughput, and thus shorten transport times and lower prices. Specifically for shipments from France to Belgium, the shipping times will be halved, which is very interesting for our French customers.”

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Are shipments to specific destinations more interesting for e-tailers?

“Absolutely,” says Laurent. “We will enjoy easier access to the US, UK and Canada for example using Landmark Global’s excellent customs clearance expertise and carrier network.” “In return, we can offer our customers easier shipping to the French overseas territories, thanks to the solid solutions IMX has for those destinations,” complements Elke. “This expansion and improvement of our service level makes it easier for our customers to ship all their parcels through one partner.”

How will you optimise the access to and benefits from digital platforms?

“Our web-based Mercury platform for the creation of shipment data, labels, tracking and overall shipment management will be connected to the IMX platform, so all customers can have transparent access to carriers and services available on both platforms. A big win for all our customers,” explains Elke.

“IMX is an important piece of the puzzle in expanding our digital solutions and widening our e-commerce activities in Europe. The great cultural fit between the two partners sharing the same passion and entrepreneurial spirit is also a big plus, we are very happy to serve all our customers as one team.”

Elke Segers, SVP Cross-Border Europe, Landmark Global

“Both companies have been long-term business partners. We know and trust each other, and we are on a promising path for the future. We look forward to further improve and expand the cross-border delivery services we offer our customers, and are delighted to provide our joint customers base a true one stop shipping solution.”

Laurent Cayet, Managing Director IMX

Capitalisation of IMX’s digital expertise and solutions

“IMX offers a wide range of cross-border delivery and return solutions for e-tailers, for SMEs and for consumers through its proprietary digital solutions.” adds Elke. “This will enable Landmark Global to further benefit from the potential of global e-commerce leveraging on the successful track record of IMX.”

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About IMX

As an international delivery platform, IMX offers a full range of delivery services worldwide, partnering with 245 experts in last mile delivery. IMX ships parcels, letters, magazines, tracked shipments, delivery with signature, return goods, etc. at optimized costs. IMX offers all-inclusive solutions easy to integrate into logistics and IT systems.

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