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News Overview > Take advantage of these 8 tips to manage the peak season

Take advantage of these 8 tips to manage the peak season

07 November 2022 | 3 minutes read

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Peak season lies ahead! It brings huge opportunities, but many challenges as well. Discover some tips to be prepared for success, and learn how Landmark Global plans ahead according to Director International Operations EU Sven De Lissnyder, and how it’s important to try to predict the unpredictable, even in current volatile times.

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The three month peak season running from Black Friday to Chinese New Year brings busy times for most e-tailers. “It’s truly all hands on deck for us too during this period,” explains Landmark Global’s Director International Operations EU Sven De Lissnyder. “Crucial in preparing for this season is to predict where we need extra manpower and additional capacity. Once we’re rolling, we have the experience to solve arising issues as quickly as possible. With the following tips we inspire e-tailers to come well prepared!”

1. Predict sales based on data

Sales data from the previous year combined with the running year’s forecast help predict this year’s peak season in terms of web visitors and orders. “We start from our clients’ sales predictions, as it is crucial to estimate the volume and destinations of parcels we will need to process”, adds Sven.

2. Make sure your website is all set

Is your website up for the heavy traffic during peak season? Make sure it is updated and consider installing caching plug-ins or reducing image sizes to keep it stable. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly, as many customers buy from their smartphone.

3. Plan your resources

Ensure you have enough stock and personnel. A no-brainer of course, but it would be a shame to get a boost in orders and not being able to deliver due to depleted stocks or staff shortages.

4. Manage customer expectations

Seasonal peaks impact every part of the chain, not in the least the shipping and delivery times. Manage expectations by communicating this on your website and social media. As this can create a sense of urgency, it might even boost conversion.

5. Give customers a choice

For a boost in sales figures during the holiday season, it’s important to offer customers different payment methods and delivery options when they are about to make a purchase. Including free shipping is another great conversion booster!

6. Carefully select your logistics partner

Get informed about peak season credentials when selecting a delivery partner. Work with providers who have ample experience delivering large volumes – postal operators for instance – during peak season. “Postal operators are almost always a country’s biggest logistics provider. And that gives Landmark Global a crucial leg-up over other delivery operators during peak season”, Sven observes. “It shows our capacity and skill to manage large parcel volumes – as it is our core business all year round.

7. Don’t forget the returns

The returns process is critical but often overlooked in peak season. A significant part of shoppers will return items bought or received. Therefore make sure to have a smooth and efficient returns process, and consider offering it for free during this period.

8. Have customers coming back

Create a retention strategy for new customers you acquire during peak season. Consider sending them automatic follow-up e-mails about your returns policy, exclusive offers or a discount on future orders.

Take your business to the next level during ecommerce peak season

No matter whether you’re in growth mode or simply looking to improve your end-to-end logistics for the ecommerce peak season, partnering with the right logistics provider is crucial to taking your ecommerce operations to the next level. Rely on Landmark Global to get your parcels to shoppers anywhere and on time. Get in touch and learn what we can do for your business.

“Managing large parcel volumes is our core business all year round.”

Sven De Lissnyder, Director International Operations EU Landmark Global

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