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Parcel Delivery from the United Kingdom to Canada

The Canadian cross-border e-commerce market is constantly growing, with 34% of online shoppers making cross-border purchases in 2022. This means that it’s a market worth exploring. But, for that, you need a reliable parcel delivery service from the UK to Canada. A service like the one offered at Landmark Global!

How much to post to canada

Our Parcel Delivery to Canada Services

Pickup & drop off

Customs clearance

Air transportation from London Heathrow (LHR) to Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ)

Range of final mile delivery options

E2E tracking, including the customs clearance process

Landmark Global: Sending Parcels from the UK to Canada while Meeting the Market Demands

At Landmark Global, we’re dedicated to providing you with reliable parcel delivery services for businesses that need to send their parcels to Canada. We don’t only deliver your goods – we understand the market and provide you with services tailored to it.

Market Trends

Our Response

74% of Canadian e-shoppers desire clear pre-purchase information about the delivery charges…

…so we calculate the whole costs of serving parcels for your e-commerce to Canada in advance, including not only transportation but also additional ones, like customs clearance tariffs.

Canadians like a variety of delivery methods (at home, post office and postal service points)...

…so we work with a plethora of final mile carriers, including postal operators, to ensure that your parcels are delivered to the most convenient destination for your customers.

60% of Canadians put trust in the delivery company as one of the most important driving factors when purchasing goods online…

…so we cooperate with the most trustworthy final mile carriers, including market leaders such as Apple Express.

59% of Canadian e-shoppers want returns management to be simple and reliable…

…so we offer you a highly optimised returns management service, where we help you with all the processes – including customs when sending your goods back to the UK.

42% of Canadian consumers want fast delivery…

…so we transfer your products from the UK to Canada in up to 6 days and deliver the products across the country in up to 7 days, depending on the distance from Toronto, with only 1-2 days in the most populous provinces: Quebec and Ontario, where over 50% of the population lives.

Conquere the Canadian market by working with us!

Delivery costs

Why Landmark Global?

We have an extensive experience in cross-border shipping and all the aspects related to it. From helping you with customs clearance to establishing a seamless returns system, we will make your e-commerce thrive. But, most importantly, we are reliable – with us, your parcels will reach their destination on time, every time.

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