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Parcel Delivery from the United Kingdom to the USA

Did you know that the UK is the second largest country of choice for cross-border shopping in the USA? If yes, you realise that you should make use of this fact and start entering the American market. Our parcel delivery service from the UK to the USA is exactly what you need to do this.

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Delivery to the USA for E-Commerce Stores and Other Businesses Needs to Be Fast and Transparent

The US market is a large one, worth $833.8 billion in 2023. Cross-border e-commerce constitutes 5% of this ($41.69 billion) But not every online store is equal – if you want to succeed in this market, you need to understand the consumers.

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  • 40% of American consumers are driven by delivery speed when shopping cross-border.

  • 87% of American e-commerce shoppers track their parcels.

  • 60% of American e-shoppers want a simple returns management system.

  • 59% of US consumers return at least one product a year.

  • 71% of US consumers want clear information about delivery charges.

  • 65% of US e-commerce shoppers make decisions based on their trust in the delivery company.

  • 84% of US consumers want their packages delivered directly to their homes.

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Why Your E-Commerce Should Deliver Parcels from the UK to the US with Landmark Global

At Landmark Global, we’re dedicated to delivering your parcels from the UK to the US in a way that matches the market conditions. By working with us, you gain:

  • Only 3-6 days-long transit and a 4-8 days long overall delivery time from the UK to one of three US airports (LAX, ORD, JFK) for your customers to receive their parcels quickly.

  • Reliable delivery services due to our working with multiple airlines.

  • A dedicated parcel monitoring system to match the expectations of US consumers.

  • A reliable returns management service, throughout which we will help you with customs clearance and all the paperwork.

  • Transparent pricing that lets you clearly inform your customers about shipping fees.

  • Several trusted final-mile carriers at your disposal.

  • Direct delivery to your customers’ homes.

Find out how we can enable your growth on the US market.

Our Parcel Delivery Services from the UK to the US Include:

Pickup & drop off.

Customs clearance via our in-house broker Landmark Trade Services available in each of the three airports and achieved before flight arrival in the UK.

Air transportation from London Heathrow (LHR) to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), O’Hare International Airport (ORD) or John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK).

Final mile delivery (cooperation with local last mile carriers).

Full end-to-end tracking, including during the customs clearance.

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Effective Returns Management for the Parcels You Send from the United Kingdom to the US!

Along with our parcel delivery, we offer you our excellent returns management services! We understand that handling returns from the US might be costly and stressful. Therefore, we will help you optimise this process to ensure that it becomes hassle-free!

Why is it important? 60% of US consumers really care about a simple return process, as 59% of them return at least one product each year. That’s why you have to simplify your procedures and optimise them to decrease the costs that returns generate – and we’re here to help you with that.

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