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E-commerce in Mexico: trends, facts & figures

Mexico is the second-most populated country in both North America and Latin America. It has a strong e-commerce presence: the largest within Latin America, despite Brazil’s significant advantage in population. Mexico is also positioned for strong future growth in the e-commerce world. The country has seen double-digit increases in...

International fulfillment is one of many services offered by a capable 3PL provider focused on e-commerce.

Best practices of choosing a 3PL when you want to outsource

The decision to outsource parts of your supply and fulfillment chain operations to a third-party logistics provider (3PL) shouldn't be taken lightly. If your company already has established processes in place to distribute products, company leaders will need to make sure the shift to a 3PL provider goes smoothly, as...

Modern solutions for direct sales logistics, including e-commerce management, can't be ignored.

Understanding the challenges of direct sales logistics

Despite a name that sounds noticeably modern, direct sales is one of the oldest forms of distributing inventory and bringing it to end consumers. That's due in part to how simple this process can be. The clear, straightforward nature of direct sales, where an individual purchases merchandise from a...

The right branding goes a long way toward building a positive customer experience.

What your organization needs to know about shipping boxes

E-commerce businesses take a wide range of approaches to packaging their products for final delivery to customers. From completely nondescript brown boxes to unique branding that is unmistakable and plenty of options in between, the strategies are almost endless.Understanding the many factors involved in branding for shipping boxes, from costs to...

E-commerce in Chile: trends, facts & figures

Chile is a South American country and sits at the forefront of e-commerce in that region. While it isn't heavily populated in comparison to other nations in South America, it has a strong per-capita income and the business and digital infrastructures to support strong e-commerce sales. Additionally, the...

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