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Frequently Asked Questions

About Landmark Global

What services do Landmark Global offer?
Landmark Global provides shipping solutions for your mail, packets and parcels to anywhere in the world via our broad international network (postal and alternative networks). We also have our Landmark Global Trade Services department that can support and assist you in any queries that you might have related to customs queries.
Is Landmark Global part of the group?
Landmark Global is part of the bpost group. bpost group is an international mail, parcels and e-commerce logistics provider with very diverse activities, allowing us to meet rapidly changing customer needs and societal trends. That translates into several brands and subsidiaries within bpost group, in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, such as Landmark Global, Radial and Active Ants.
In which countries is Landmark Global located?
Landmark Global is located in US, Europe, UK, Asia and Australia. To know which specific locations, please consult our Landmark Global company deck which you can obtain via your account manager.
In how many countries do Landmark Global deliver?
We deliver to all countries worldwide thanks to our broad international network.

Sending parcels

What is the maximum size of parcels you can accept?
  • maximum length, width and height < 1.5 meters
  • total (1x length) + (2x width) + (2x height) < 3 meters
Is there a weight limit Landmark Global will accept?
We accept maximum 30kg.
Are there products Landmark Global cannot accept?
We have a list of prohibited items and dangerous goods. Please contact your account manager for more information on the list.
What is the full meaning of DDU/DAP and DDP? And does Landmark Global support both shipping methods?
Yes, Landmark Global supports your shipments going DDU/DAP and or DDP. For more information, please contact your account manager.

Please also find below the full meaning of DDU/DAP and DDP:

DDU or DAP: Delivery Duty Unpaid/Delivered At Place

  • The buyer (=receiver) is liable to pay the import duty, taxes and clearance fees at the destination upon delivery.

DDP: Delivery Duty Paid

  • The seller/supplier pays all expenses (e.g. shipping fee, handling, …) including import duty or tax for the given merchandise and is liable for these D&T until the buyer receives the goods.
  • The buyer at checkout will pay to the seller the value of the merchandise & shipping costs and usually the seller will also request the payment for the applicable import duty, taxes and clearance fees.
What is a HS-code?
Harmonized Commodity description and coding system. The HS is the international standard developed by the WCO (World Customs Organization) for reporting goods to customs and other government agencies. Each product has a specific HS code (unique number to identify the type of goods)

HS codes are used for

  • The assessments of Duties & Taxes
  • Identification of regulated or prohibited goods
  • Verifying general compliance with Trade Regulations

HS code structure

  • The first 6 digits of the HS code are common to all countries.
  • Each country is permitted to add additional numbers to suit its own tariff and statistical needs, creating 8, 10, and sometimes 12 digit national codes.


  • Cotton t-shirt : 6109 1000 00
  • Soft Plastic mouse pads for working at a pc: 3926 1000 00
  • A plastic phone cover for iPhones: 3919 9000 19

Receiving parcels

How can I track my parcel?
If you are a private individual you can track your shipment by entering your track & trace barcode using the following link. You should have received the correct link from the retailer you made your purchase from.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact the customer service agents of the retailer you made your purchase from.

If you are a business customer of Landmark Global you can use in addition the following shipment tools:

Do I require a tracking number to track my parcel?
Yes, a tracking number is required and must be entered in the tracking tool to identify your parcel.

The tracking number can be found in the order confirmation e-mail.

If you do not have a tracking reference, please contact the customer service agents of the retailer you made your purchase from.

Shipments that are sent without a tracking number cannot be traced.

I missed my delivery, is it possible to reschedule?
  • For deliveries in Belgium: if you missed your delivery and you want to reschedule a new delivery attempt, you can use the following link to plan a new delivery:
    • Please enter your barcode number to reschedule your delivery.
  • For deliveries in Europe or Outside of Europe: please contact your local post office or the commercial partner that attempted to deliver your goods. They will be in the position to provide detailed information on the process to be followed.

If the above is not possible, please contact the customer service agents of the retailer you made your purchase from.

A client ordered on my website but they did not receive their order. Can they contact Landmark Global to help?
Our business partners can contact our Customer Service department for information on the status of the parcels, however, your customers should contact the customer service agents of the retailer they made the purchase from.
When can I expect my parcel?
This will vary based on the country where the parcel has to be delivered.  For deliveries within Europe, delivery time varies from 2 to 10 days in average depending on the country of destination.  For deliveries outside of Europe, delivery time varies from 5 to 15 days in average, depending on the country of destination.

Please note that delivery periods can be longer in case of (non-exhaustive): peak periods, pandemics, customs related issues, strikes, etc.

If you have questions about the arrival date of your package, try checking the delivery carrier’s site for a delivery estimate, or reach out to the customer service team of the company you purchased from for assistance.

Where is my parcel?
    1. In the top right corner of your screen, click this button: Mercury_Button_v2
    2. Enter your carrier tracking number (not your order reference number) into the drop down box: Mercury_Button_v2
    3. If you need more information, please contact the Customer Service Agents of the retailer you made your purchase from.
Why aren’t I seeing tracking updates?
If you haven’t seen any updates for a couple of days, it does not necessarily mean there is an issue. It is not uncommon for intercontinental shipments to have certain periods in the shipment lifecycle where the shipment is in transit, updates will then only be visible upon arrival at the transit hub or the delivery partner of your country of destination.

If you have further questions related to the status of your shipment, we recommend reaching out to the customer service agents of the retailer you purchased from.

The tracking on my parcel appears to have stopped. What is the reason and what should I do?
Please contact the customer service agents of the retailer you made your purchase from. They are able to open investigations to resolve any issues that may arise.
How can I change the address or shipping information on my parcel?
Please contact the customer service agents of the retailer you made your purchase from.
My track page shows an 'attempted delivery'. When will the carrier be back to deliver my parcel?
Typically, the carrier will be back the next business day. It is also possible they will hold the parcel awaiting pick-up at a local distribution center, in this case they will leave a calling card at the customer’s address.

You can contact your local distribution office to arrange a new delivery attempt.

What should I do if my shipment says 'The shipment is ready for pickup'?
When provided by our delivery partner, our ​tracking page​ will provide information on where and how to pick up your shipment. If you do not see the information that you need on our tracking page​, please check the website of our delivery partner for more information.
Where is the pickup location for collecting my parcel?
The location varies depending on the carrier. The calling card left after a delivery attempt will provide such details.
Who is delivering my parcel?
As soon as Landmark Global has received and processed your package from the seller, our tracking page​ will show you which local delivery carrier will be delivering your package.

If the delivery partner is not known, please contact the customer service agents of the retailer you made your purchase from.

My parcel says 'Delivered', but I didn’t receive it. What should I do?
Please reach out to the delivery carrier listed on our ​tracking page​, or contact the customer service agents of the retailer you purchased from for assistance. You can find the link to the delivery carrier’s site on our ​tracking page​ when viewing the status of your shipment; both near the top of the page by the current status and in the Delivery Details section further down the page.
What is Landmark Global’s role in shipping my order?
Landmark Global partners with one of your local delivery carriers to bring the order to your door. When you buy something online, the retailer you purchased from boxes up your order and ships it to one of Landmark Global’s facilities. Landmark Global then oversees the transport and customs clearance, when applicable, of your shipment into your country of residence. Landmark’s delivery partner manages the final leg of bringing the shipment to your door. Our tracking page​ will always list the local carrier physically delivering your package.
I have been charged for duties and taxes by customs and I was not aware of these charges. Why?
When you place your online order from a Retailer that is in a NON-EU country, and your order value exceeds € 22, then it is possible that duties and taxes will be charged by local customs. Any items purchased that are valued over the duty & tax level for that country could be eligible for payment of duty and/or taxes’

For more information, please contact the customer service agents of the retailer you made your purchase from.

Kindly note that as from July 2021, the threshold of € 22 in Europe will be abolished, which means that all items from NON-EU countries back into Europe will be subject to duties and taxes.

I received an email to pay my duties and taxes but the charges are too high. How do I stop shipment of my parcel?
Please contact the customer service agents of the retailer you made your purchase from.
How do I get reimbursed for duties and taxes on a return item?
Please contact the customer service agents of the retailer you made your purchase from.
What does the status 'Shipment is held by customs' mean?
This means that shipments are currently under inspection by customs, which can result in a slight shipping delay. Typically, your shipment will be released without significant delay to continue on its way to your door.
Do I need to provide extra paperwork to customs to retrieve my goods?
Depending on local regulations, you might need to provide extra paperwork (commercial invoice, proof of payment) to have your parcel(s) released from local customs. Usually a receipt and a short description of your order is sufficient.
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