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How to manage your dangerous goods logistics

The international sale of goods continues to increase in value and in numbers, driven by the meteoric rise of e-commerce, technological innovation and rapid globalization. But as more customers and businesses rely on large-scale and/or long-distance shipments to deliver products to new markets, the need for thorough dangerous...

Why returns are crucial for successful fashion e-tail

Around the world, e-shoppers are putting the online fashion industry through the proverbial wringer with returns. Fashion represents an estimated one-quarter of all e-commerce returns made globally. Clothing and shoe e-tailers must already stay abreast of shifting consumer trends and the latest styles to provide high-quality, consumer-focused products. But keeping...

Managing local returns in North America

North America is more than 9.5 million square miles of cities, farmland, suburbs, desert coastline, tundra and wilderness. Does your local returns strategy account for all the different online shoppers living in all these different communities? How you meet each of their personal preferences will make or break the...

E-commerce in France: trends, facts & figures

Like most developed countries, France has widespread internet penetration. Currently, more than 86% of the French population actively uses the internet. Additionally, mobile connections outpaced total population by about 140,000 in 2016. Such high access to digital technology will likely expand the French B2C e-tail market, which is...

Why returns management is more important to e-commerce than ever

Why would any businesses spend time worrying about their return policies? After all, shouldn't the real focus be on preventing returns in the first place? Yes and no. Of course companies ought to provide the best products and services they can if they wish to retain customers, but well-oiled return...

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