Part 4/4: Be creative
Using creativity to enhance direct mail can help companies stand out from their competitors. The right look and careful choice of words can have a strong impact on how customers and prospects perceive a product. After all, about 20% of your response rate is affected by the creative content of your mail, according to CRM Trends.

Deciding on your format and look
Think about what kind of format you will use for your direct mail: will people receive a simple mailed postcard or a complete catalogue? Marketing agency Radical Direct suggests that 47% of US households read catalogues. How your mailshot looks when a customer or prospect receives it will also have an impact—Radical Direct estimates that 49% of people are more likely to open mail if they are intrigued by it. Using your logo as well as the colours identified with your brand will reinforce the company in the audience’s minds.

Writing your copy
People are often motivated to buy something through their desire to do a number of things, including to save money or time, to do a better job, to obtain something for nothing, to try something new or to get the best deal. According to mailing experts Baker Goodchild, as much as 62% of the UK like to receive mailings with relevant offers and 84% have taken action as a result of an offer or money off coupon. So, appealing to these desires is likely to be a winning formula.
But you should also ensure that your message passes the logic test. For example, does what you say follow on from what was said before? Is your copy moving your reader logically from one sentence to the next? Is your message consistent with what you’ve said in the past?
And that’s not all. Business owners could ensure that their audience is more engaged with their message by using words that have a positive spin. For example: use ‘agreement’ instead of ‘contract’, ‘investment’ instead of ‘cost’, ‘more economical’ instead of ‘cheaper’. This will not only make your customers and prospects feel confident and happy, but also keep them focused on the points you want to make. Similarly, using imperative verb-driven language will convey a greater sense of action and motivation, which should, in turn, provoke an immediate response in the consumer’s behaviour. For example, you could say ‘Visit our website now’ in your direct mail and ‘Click here for more details’ on your dedicated website.

Thinking outside the box
Coming up with original ideas can enhance your direct mail, making it memorable. For example, if your message is about the importance of water, you could include a postcard that only reveals the words on it once it has been held under a running tap. Or, try creating a direct-mail item that showcases your product: if you are a print company, you could take an everyday object that most people use and create the packaging using your own print technology.

Keeping it consistent, positive and thinking up original ideas can help businesses create effective and memorable direct-mail campaigns. And by collaborating with providers like Landmark Global, you could benefit from their skills and knowledge.

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