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"74% of Australian e-shoppers want convenience and 38% want low prices."

"70% of Belgians prefer home delivery between 9am and 6pm. 25% of Belgians expect shipping to be free."

"Brazilian e-shoppers account for 36.4% of all online shoppers in Latin America."

"Canada has the highest online engagement rate with its Internet users spend an average of 45 hours online each month (the global average is a little over 24 hours)."

"The Chinese e-commerce market is outperforming the US market, making it the biggest in the world."

"France is the sixth biggest e-commerce market in the world and the third biggest in Europe."

"Between now and 2017, the income associated with e-commerce will represent 53% of Germany's GDP."

"India is expected to be home to 128 million e-shoppers by the end of 2018."

"20% of online shops generate 70% of Italian online sales revenue."

"E-tailers needs to establish a coherent pricing strategy for Japan, preferably one that is either expensive or very cheap."

"Annual growth of Mexico's e-commerce market is estimated to be 25%, the highest percentage in Latin America."

"36% of Norwegians order online at least once a month, and 80% of those orders are sent to a collection point or post box."

"Polish e-shoppers are the most satisfied in Europe, as in a recent study of Trusted Shops, their satisfaction rate was 4.8 out of 5."

"Russians place a lot of importance on being able to make purchases 'from human beings', or at least being able to contact a person in the event of a complaint."

"55% of e-commerce transactions made in Singapore are cross-border transactions."

"Learn the 5 key elements that provide nervous Spanish shoppers with confidence to shop online."

"Swedish e-commerce shoppers are experienced, so subtle preferences make considerable differences."

"Not a member of the European Union, Switzerland's customs duties and VAT calculations can be more complex."

"95% of Netherlands consumers purchase online, representing a population of 10.6 million e-shoppers."

"The UK is the most mature e-commerce market in Europe, ranking first place in proportion of national retail income to e-commerce sales."

"Ensure you are peak season enabled, as a little under a quarter of US annual sales is generated in the last two months of the year."

“90% of Hong Kong e-shoppers check their e-tailer’s returns policy.”

"E-commerce in Denmark is strong. With 9.3% of the overall retail market, the country ranks sixth-highest in the world."

"New e-shoppers care more deeply about supporting Finnish brands than their more experienced counterparts."

"Seizing on its advantages in high-speed internet access and prime geographic location, Portugal is poised to expand its role as a global e-commerce player."

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