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News Overview > Affordable and reliable delivery: the key to smartphoto's ecommerce success

Affordable and reliable delivery: the key to smartphoto's ecommerce success

10 May 2023 | 2 minutes read

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There is no occasion smartphoto doesn’t have a perfect photo product for. Its success also depends on reliable partners for on-time and affordable delivery of their products. Discover how Landmark Global supports smartphoto in helping them to keep their customers happy.

Smartphoto group is a growing Belgian B2C etailer active in 12 European countries. They produce affordable, high-quality personalised gifts like cards, photo books, photo calendars, prints, wall decoration and other products. This Belgian company is listed on the stock market and is part of the top 10 of e-commerce companies across all sectors. They sell and ship more than 2 million personalised photo products annually. Landmark Global has been delivering a significant number of their parcels to customers in various European destinations since almost a decade now.

On-time deliveries are critical while cost-efficiency is key

Customers mostly order products for special occasions like birthdays, parties, special events or festive periods like end-of-year, so on-time delivery is crucial! The average value per product is relatively modest so the costs for sending should accordingly be as low as possible, and not amount to the price of an expensive express courier. That is why smartphoto needs a logistic partner offering a wide range of reliable delivery options for both tracked and untracked parcels, and for all kinds of weights and sizes.

We support smartphoto in keeping their customers satisfied

Landmark Global works from its centrally located hub in Brussels offering daily connections to all of Europe. We can provide both postal and private delivery solutions for the last-mile delivery, while the customer has a choice between home and PUDO delivery in several countries, e.g the Nordics. As experts in delivering parcels during peak periods, a challenge smartphoto is familiar with, we ensure a reliable service during that busy time of year too.

All-in pricing (=DDP) for non-EU destinations

When shipping products to non-EU destinations in Europe, e.g. the UK or Norway, Landmark Global offers an all-in solution, where duties and taxes are already paid upfront at the online check-out. This way, receivers don’t have to deal with this upon receiving their parcel. A big advantage for smartphoto.

Our customers expect a reliable delivery, but not at any price. Working with Landmark Global enables smartphoto to have an excellent balance between speed and cost of delivery.

Frederik De Grove, Group Operations Manager smartphoto

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