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News Overview > Deliver Amsterdam 2023: Unveiling E-commerce Trends and Achieving Cross-Border Success

Deliver Amsterdam 2023: Unveiling E-commerce Trends and Achieving Cross-Border Success

20 June 2023 | 3 minutes read

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Our experience at Deliver Amsterdam


Tikhon Evdokimov

Regional Director, CEE - Landmark Global

Positioned as one of the major industry events in Europe, Deliver Amsterdam 2023 brought together key players, retailers, and industry experts for an immersive experience centered around e-commerce and cross-border success.

Exploring New Trends and Challenges in E-commerce

This year, our teams from Landmark Global and bpostgroup participated and contributed to the vibrant discussions that delve into the latest trends and challenges shaping the e-commerce landscape. Among these trends, the following key insights emerged:

The Rise of Cross-Border E-commerce

It is estimated that by 2023, nearly 20% of all e-commerce transactions will be cross-border, with a projected 45% increase in global consumers purchasing across borders. This highlights the immense potential for retailers to tap into international markets and necessitates a focus on delivering seamless, personalized experiences to overcome language barriers, currency conversions, and longer delivery times.

Customer Experience as a Competitive Edge

Customer experience remains a crucial determinant of success in cross-border e-commerce. Shoppers now demand personalized experiences, fast and convenient delivery options, secure payment processes, and top-quality customer service. To stand out, businesses must prioritize customer-centric approaches and leverage technology to offer tailored, efficient, and secure solutions.

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Key Trends for Superior Customer Experience

To deliver exceptional customer experiences, retailers should pay attention to the following trends in 2023:


Tailor the shopping experience to individual customers, providing personalized recommendations and offers.

Convenient Delivery

Offer fast and easy delivery options, meeting customers' expectations for speed and flexibility.

Mobile Optimization

Optimize e-commerce websites for mobile devices, considering the increasing prominence of mobile shopping.

Secure Payment

Ensure a seamless and secure payment process to build customer trust and confidence.

Quality Customer Service

Invest in high-quality customer service, emphasizing responsiveness, support, and personalized assistance.

The event provided invaluable insights into the ever-evolving world of e-commerce and highlighted the critical importance of cross-border success for retailers in today's global marketplace.

Tikhon Evdokimov, Regional Director, CEE - Landmark Global

It is evident that accelerated localization of fulfillment is taking place in Europe, expanding cross-border operations beyond the CEE region, and the increasing interest of larger companies in complex markets such as the UK, Norway, and Switzerland. Our own customs capabilities, integrated with our comprehensive solutions, position Landmark Global to capitalize on these opportunities.

In conclusion, our participation at Deliver Amsterdam 2023 was a success. It provided us with valuable insights, opportunities for collaboration, and reaffirmed our position as a leading provider of e-commerce solutions. We remain committed to driving innovation, enhancing customer experiences, and empowering businesses to thrive in the dynamic world of e-commerce.

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