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News Overview > E-commerce giant Notino accelerates online sales due to customized delivery solutions

E-commerce giant Notino accelerates online sales due to customized delivery solutions

14 November 2022 | 3 minutes read

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Notino is one of the best-known success stories in Czech online sales industry. The e-commerce giant sells millions of perfumeries and cosmetic items across all of Europe and in the UK. They challenge their French and English competitors with their wide arsenal of qualitative products and speed of delivery. In addition, Notino guarantees best in class after sales support and distribution of original brands.

Notino & Landmark Global delivery solutions - Tapping into the Belgian market

In the summer of 2021, Landmark Global started providing Belgian delivery services to Notino. In a few jointly developed iterations both partners managed to reach significant improvements in delivery time, performance level and stability. Despite the 3-fold volume jump in peak season, quality and speed of the delivery service remained the same.

“Landmark Global is one of our best partners in Europe”

František Moravec, Logistics Account Manager at Notino

Expanding Notino's delivery solutions to the Netherlands

The success story in Belgium inspired Notino to seek a new sales market across the border. They asked Landmark Global to develop a similar, yet customized, solution for the Netherlands. In close co-operation with a strategic partner, Landmark Global designed a solution specifically for the needs of Notino’s Dutch customers. A unique formula with very late cut-off time and high performing service from Monday to Saturday. And it pays off. Traffic to the Netherlands started in May 2022 and sales and shipping volumes increased week after week.

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Competition leads to better results

These rising numbers for both markets are the living proof that competition and optimization of all aspects of delivery matters.

For destination Belgium, Notino’s previous main delivery service remains available during the check-out process. However, 90% of the customers selected Bpost as the last mile provider due to better performance and value for money. Bpost is also a first-choice delivery partner because they provide PUDO (Pick-Up and Drop-off points) options, which are more convenient and cheaper.

In the Netherlands, Notino also used another non-express solution before. But once the alternative of Landmark Global had been introduced, 75% of Dutch customers clearly preferred the new way of deliverance.

“Introducing early morning cut-off time and Saturday delivery had a huge impact on NPS of Notino in NL”

František Moravec, Logistics Account Manager at Notino

Notino & Landmark Global - End to end partnership

Our teams work in sync with Notino logistics experts on all e2e delivery chain elements. From transport options and capacity, daily monitoring of on-time truck arrival to the injection site. Together we seek for the latest possible cut-off times and adjust night processing with day deliveries in both markets. In addition, Landmark Global helps optimizing the returns process, including pallet returns.

Above and beyond

Notino’s investments in quality and speed of delivery resulted in a considerable increase of customer satisfaction. Despite all geopolitical and economic hazards, sales growth accelerated from 15-20% YOY to more than 35% in 2022. And it’s obvious that there are a lot more opportunities to discover.

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