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News Overview > Empowering French E-tailers with Landmark Global's Logistics Solutions

Empowering French E-tailers with Landmark Global's Logistics Solutions

21 March 2024 | 4 minutes read

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Interview: Empowering French E-tailers

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Elke Segers

SVP Cross Border Europe

France still has a growing e-commerce market, and as Landmark Global we continue to expand our presence on that market at the benefit of both French e-tailers and their (inter)national customers. Elke Segers, SVP Europe at Landmark Global explains the advantages of our French endeavours.

How important is the French market for Landmark Global?

The French e-commerce cross-border market counts for 175 million parcel shipments a year and is still on the rise. As such France is the 2nd largest cross-border market shipping large volumes of parcels – for example fashion and personal care products - to Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and Germany amongst others. These destinations are at the center of Landmark Global’s logistics network and we are capable of offering excellent last mile services in these locations. Therefore, we have been expanding our presence in France over the last years to cater for both international incoming and outgoing shipments. Doing so we provide solutions answering the needs of French e-commerce retailers having a customer base in France and all over the globe.

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Can you tell us more about the recent integration of Lyon based Mailtin’Post?

The French logistics player Mailtin’Post located next to Lyon has been offering cross-border delivery solutions since 1997. By integrating their business activities in the Landmark Global family, we can boost our impact in France, and increase our service level in many ways. In the first place, we can offer better services to the large amount of e-commerce businesses in the Lyon region – improving our first mile service - and use Mailtin’Post as a hub to bulk up and ship volumes at more competitive prices to other parts of France and abroad.

Secondly, we can offer a smoother service to Switzerland and Italy. Thirdly, we can join forces with our Paris based subsidiary IMX, and make use of the synergies it brings to have a strong hub in Paris and in the Lyon region of France. We are also looking at expanding into other regions of France to furtherly strengthen our position and increase the domestic and cross-border services we can offer.

You mentioned IMX, a logistic partner in the Paris region that you acquired 2 years ago. How has the integration evolved so far?

Very successfully actually. All mergers require time and a particular integration process of course, but important steps have been taken already. We are also joining forces at different levels. To begin with, we merged our offering so customers can choose and benefit from a larger service portfolio from both Landmark Global and IMX. Moreover, we can optimise costs for our customers by combining transport via our Brussels or Paris hubs. Last but not least, the Paris hub is an important extra logistic centre within the Landmark Global structure, where we process parcels, mail and manage reverse logistics. We are also working at a phased rebranding project to be rolled out soon.

In what way can you offer unique European services to French e-tailers?

Landmark Global has a dense international network, and we are by far the most preferred logistics and last mile partner in Belgium, which is a very popular destination for France. As part of bpostgroup, we rely on an excellent home delivery service and dense PUDO-delivery network, guaranteeing French e-tailers fast, safe and personal delivery without any hassle. But we also offer outstanding delivery solutions to other European destinations such as Germany, Spain, Italy, as well as other countries in the Nordics and Eastern Europe, including easy to integrate track & trace options. We prioritize our exceptional service and flexibility, placing our customers as partners above all else.

And how about other destinations outside of Europe?

For many e-commerce businesses and their international customers it’s a hassle to ship and receive parcels, as it requires additional paperwork, possible taxes and duties and complying with customs regulations. Our internal customs clearance teams know all the ins and outs of international parcel shipping and the paperwork it requires. Our solutions have all-in prices and include a hassle-free pick up and delivery. Whether you're shipping to the UK, the USA or Canada, we offer all-inclusive solutions that seamlessly integrate all aspects of the supply chain, from collection to final delivery. In the UK we recently invested in a state-of-the-art logistics hub which makes international shipping to and through the UK even easier. All the know-how on international shipping is of course extended to our IMX as well as our Mailtin’Post customers!

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