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News Overview > Interview with Jonathan Matchett: Putting Customers First - Landmark Global UK's Commitment

Interview with Jonathan Matchett: Putting Customers First - Landmark Global UK's Commitment

17 July 2023 | 3 minutes read

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Vision for Growth and Excellence in UK Logistics

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Jonathan Matchett

Senior Vice President, Landmark Global UK

Join us for an enlightening interview with Jonathan Matchett, Senior Vice President of Landmark Global UK, as he shares insights on how the company puts customers first. Discover Landmark Global UK's unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service and hands-on account management, ensuring that every customer feels valued and important.

What makes Landmark Global UK stand out from its competitors in terms of service excellence?

Here at Landmark Global UK, we like to see ourselves as being able to empower our clients' e-commerce global growth, at the same time we're small enough to care. And that's really what sets Landmark Global apart from others in the same sector. It's that scale and that personal touch from our account management and client services that clients really resonate with and it's become a strength for Landmark Global.

What advice would you give to a smaller e-commerce business just starting their journey of online selling?

So the advice I would give to any up and coming e-commerce business is to not be afraid of global e-commerce. It's easier than you might think. We're here to guide you through it. And what we aim to do at Landmark Global is to really allow any up and coming e-commerce business to operate at the same scale, the same solutions, the same services as any much more established business trading globally.

What sets Landmark Global UK apart from its competitors in terms of service offerings?

A particular strength of Landmark Global is our roots to North America, through the United States and through Canada, through having an operational presence, not just at origin, but at all the key gateways for destination and in-house customs clearance.

Landmark Global UK recently opened a brand new logistics facility near Heathrow Airport. How does this expansion reflect the company's commitment to serving the UK market?

Landmark Global UK's facility is at Heathrow Logistics park, which is perfect as an inbound and outbound gateway for UK, Europe and globally. It's an ETSF facility, which means we can keep clients goods in bond for 90 days. And we have everything here on site, from automation through to palette screening, through to all the operational processes to move parcels forward.

What steps has Landmark Global UK taken to ensure sustainability and reduce its environmental impact?

At Landmark Global UK, we aim to adopt a sustainable approach to everything we do, from rainwater harvesting and solar panels in the facility that we're in now, through the use of reusable containers, through to most importantly, working with partners who share the same approach to sustainability as we do.

Lastly, what message would you like to convey to both existing and potential customers regarding the company's commitment to their success?

The uniqueness of Landmark Global UK and how we like to differentiate ourselves is really the care we put into the end-to-end delivery process, not just the final mile, but in the pickup, in the processing, in the client service, in the account management, and most importantly, in our in-house customs clearance expertise. It's the end-to-end delivery experience that we pride ourselves on.

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