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News Overview > Navigating Cross-Border E-commerce with Jonathan Matchett

Navigating Cross-Border E-commerce with Jonathan Matchett

10 January 2024 | 4 minutes read

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Discover the keys to international e-commerce success as Jonathan Matchett, Senior Vice President at Landmark Global UK, shares invaluable insights. Explore myths, Walmart partnerships, success stories, and future trends. Learn how Landmark Global, in collaboration with Linnworks, empowers businesses for seamless cross-border solutions.

Demystifying Cross-Border E-commerce Myths

At Landmark Global UK, we pride ourselves on empowering e-commerce clients globally while maintaining a personal touch. Jonathan Matchett, Senior Vice President at Landmark Global UK, debunks prevalent myths in cross-border selling. Learn how the landscape has evolved and why cross-border delivery is now accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Meet Jonathan Matchett: Senior Vice President at Landmark Global UK

Before delving into specifics, get acquainted with Jonathan Matchett, the driving force behind Landmark Global UK's success. Discover his role in assisting sellers with shipping, clearance, and delivery from the UK to worldwide destinations.

Challenges and Opportunities in Cross-Border E-commerce

Jonathan discusses the challenges, particularly post-Brexit, and how Landmark Global assists sellers in navigating these complexities. Uncover the opportunities available and the support from specialists in the field.

Partnering for Success: Landmark Global's Collaboration with Walmart

A significant portion of the interview revolves around Landmark Global's partnership with Walmart. Jonathan sheds light on Walmart's seller programs, simplifying the onboarding process and offering compelling shipping rates. Learn how Walmart's focus on expanding choice for consumers aligns seamlessly with Landmark Global's commitment to providing quality shipping services.

Realizing the Dream: Success Stories in Cross-Border Selling

Jonathan shares success stories, illustrating that even lower volume sellers can thrive in international markets. Examples include a UK-based online tools and hardware seller, as well as a printed t-shirt seller, both experiencing growth opportunities by tapping into cross-border sales.

Diversifying Horizons: Exploring Alternative Marketplaces

In response to a query about alternative marketplaces, Jonathan recommends considering a variety of platforms globally. He mentions Rakuten for Japan, Cdiscount for France, Jumia for the Middle East, and others. For a streamlined approach, sellers can work with marketplace aggregators like PM Boulevard Online, simplifying integration across multiple platforms.

Simplicity in Complexity: Landmark Global and Linnworks Integration

Addressing the growing complexity as businesses expand, Jonathan highlights the accessibility provided by technology. Landmark Global, in collaboration with Linnworks, offers a plug-and-play solution with a single integration for accessing multiple marketplaces and shipping services.

Understanding the US Market: Insights into Consumer Behavior

Jonathan emphasizes that US consumers essentially share the same expectations as UK consumers. Quality products and a growing focus on socially responsible buying are trends observed in both markets. Authentic brands with ethical products have a significant opportunity to thrive among US consumers.

Tomorrow’s Success: Future Trends in Cross-Border E-commerce

Looking ahead, Jonathan discusses emerging trends. Localization, fully landed costs, Pudo (pickup drop-off), and the continuous growth of global e-commerce were identified as key trends shaping the future of cross-border selling.

Linnworks Landmark video interview 29 11 23

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