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News Overview > Optimizing International Shipments: Teemill's Path to Sustained Growth

Optimizing International Shipments: Teemill's Path to Sustained Growth

12 October 2023 | 2 minutes read

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Teemill has come a long way since producing and selling sustainable organic T-shirts in the UK. Today they are one of the leading dedicated circular economy platforms, providing technology and products to help brands end waste, realising a steadily growing turnover amounting to about £16m

Part of their service is shipping on-demand printed products to both retailers and their end customers, within and outside the UK. Therefore, not only the quality of their products but also their delivery service is an important criteria for customer satisfaction. Organising reliable and smooth deliveries with an increasing volume of (inter)national shipments is the most critical challenge they face in terms of logistics.

International shipping was too expensive and unreliable

‘Our international shipping service was too expensive and often unreliable. That kept us from growing globally, and our existing service providers couldn’t meet our needs. We needed to step it up and look for partners who would provide us with affordable and reliable shipping options’, explains Teemill buyer Nina Feeney.

A promising solution offered by Landmark Global and Intersoft

Teemill has a basket of couriers they work with. They wanted to add a logistics partner who could help them grow internationally while guaranteeing a reliable service. Landmark Global came up as a solid partner to fulfill this need. Intersoft provided Teemill with an API integration. It provides easy connection to multiple couriers, select the optimal carrier for each shipment and optimises the complete shipment process. ‘This all led to a practically fully automated shipping process, a huge saving in time and money,’ concludes Nina.

A strong logistics partner in North America and the EU

Teemill is growing globally, with a focus on expansion in the US, Canada and Europe. Therefore, they needed a solution that could strengthen them logistically in these regions. Landmark Global, strongly present and last-mile specialist in both North America and Europe, proved the right partner to deliver reliable services at a competitive price. ‘And the results are there,’ adds Nina. ‘Since working with Intersoft and Landmark Global, our sales figures have increased by double digits.’

Before implementing the Intersoft and Landmark Global solution, our international shipping service was too expensive and often unreliable.

Nina Feeney, Buyer, Teemill

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