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News Overview > Optimizing Parcel Delivery to Germany: Sustainable Solutions for E-Commerce Growth

Optimizing Parcel Delivery to Germany: Sustainable Solutions for E-Commerce Growth

07 August 2023 | 3 minutes read

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Optimizing Parcel Delivery to Germany

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Julie Pringle

Network Manager Landmark Global

Want to grow your online business in Germany? Consider what German web shoppers prefer in terms of delivery and sustainability to maximise your success. Julie Pringle, Network Development Director manager at Landmark Global, tells us more.

Parcel delivery to Germany solutions

Germany is a large and expanding market for e-commerce having a value of up to about 100 billion euros. ‘The German online market shows some interesting trends,’ explains Julie Pringle, network manager at Landmark Global. ‘As for delivery preferences, home delivery is by far the most popular option in Germany. Nearly 50% of consumers prefer parcels to be delivered in their mailbox. Additionally, German online consumers are increasingly focusing on sustainability. For instance, almost half of German consumers value reusable packaging and avoiding excessive packaging. Over a third of consumers prefer reusable packaging and are prepared to postpone a delivery if this would reduce the environmental impact.’

Understanding German E-Commerce Trends and Delivery Preferences

‘I would like to start by saying we are known to be a global e-logistics service provider, servicing more than 220 destinations for parcels. But of course Europe and Germany in particular are very important for us. We work with the German local postal operator and commercial alternative delivery partners to guarantee a full suite of flexible solutions including: untracked small packets, semi-tracked packets, fully tracked packets and parcels with scanning/signature and home/PUDO option and return management solutions. In line with the German market trends we launch 2 innovative solutions for home deliveries while increasing sustainability.

Small boxable items conveniently deposited to customer’s letterbox

‘A first innovation is meant for e-commerce retailers looking to ship small, lightweight items of limited value to any German destination. Through one of our partners we will offer boxes that fit into standard German letterboxes at commercially competitive pricing. Delivery is very convenient, as parcels are simply deposited in a receiver’s letterbox, while this person doesn’t need to be present, and loss of shipments is virtually non-existent,’ explains Julie.

We keep looking for innovative and reliable solutions to address customer needs. The compact boxes that fit into any letterbox are a perfect example of how we respond to what German online customers prefer.

Julie Pringle, Network Manager Landmark Global

Eco-Friendly Shipping: Introducing Reusable Pallet Boxes for Sustainable Deliveries

‘From a somewhat broader ecological perspective, we will – in collaboration with a logistic partner - soon launch an alternative to our cardboard pallet boxes in Germany,’ Julie continues, ‘which will make truckloads more sustainable. To this end, we are introducing reusable pallet boxes that are foldable, and, last but not least, they are stackable, so more pallet boxes to fit in one truckload. That way, we can transport more product and less air, which is good for overall sustainability when shipping to Germany with Landmark Global.’

Landmark Global's Commitment to Sustainability: Shaping the Future of E-Logistics

Belonging to the bpostgroup, we are firmly committed to developing sustainable solutions, aiming to reduce our ecological footprint and neutralise it completely by 2040. By 2030, we want to reduce our carbon emissions with 55% and realise 100% emission-free last-mile deliveries in Belgium, to name but a few of our sustainability goals.

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