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News Overview > Revolutionizing Parcel Delivery: How Promod Streamlined Operations with IMX

Revolutionizing Parcel Delivery: How Promod Streamlined Operations with IMX

17 October 2023 | 3 minutes read

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Promod, fashion for all women

Promod is a French women’s ready-to-wear brand founded by Francis-Charles Pollet in 1975. In 2021, it generated €342 million in turnover. In addition to its online store, the family concern now has 381 Promod stores in France, 10 in Switzerland, 6 in Belgium and 4 in Luxembourg.

Promod is a chain of ready-to-wear stores in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland, and an online shopping platform across the whole of Europe. To simplify deliveries and cut costs, the family concern reviewed its transport plan for e-commerce sales and found IMX to be the perfect partner.

Promod was working with several service providers in its parcel delivery process. “We wanted to centralise everything with a one-stop shop that was preferably an integrator”, explained Benoît Mascot, Transport Manager at Promod. “We were keen not be tied up to one carrier to be able to change carrier if a line was not working. And with no new IT changes for our labels. We were seeking simplicity and consolidation in terms of volumes.”

Integrator and one-stop shop

As an integrator, IMX provided a one-stop shop solution to Promod from the outset. “Implementation was very simple”, emphasised Benoît Mascot. “In addition, IMX offered competitive rates that compare favourably with current market prices. Before long we achieved 10% cost savings. Labelling simplicity is an added bonus. Promod prints out a basic label and IMX affixes the final carrier’s label. This solution facilitated fast integration.

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Combining different services

By combining its Pack Easy (postal delivery with tracking) and Pack Sign (signed delivery) solutions, IMX manages distribution across Europe, even for more distant countries and small volumes. Depending on the weight and destination, IMX directs the parcel to the right service. Promod has recorded logistics gains. One consolidated pick-up, where no prior sorting is required, simplifies the process and boosts team productivity.

Agility and high requirements

“We are shortly going to launch on marketplaces”, confided Benoît Mascot. “IMX will guide us because marketplaces have higher requirement levels than we do, with constraints on delivery times as well as returns.”

The return rate on a marketplace is approximately 60%. Returns are free and customers are refunded when the sender receives the parcel. “In other words, speed is important, along with transparent tracking, regular feedback and adapted transport plans”, stated Benoît Mascot.

New channels for improvement

On top of agility and simplicity, Promod appreciates the very direct relationship with its partner IMX: “We find the human aspect at IMX that we also promote at Promod. Tracking and customer support are very visible. Despite the volumes handled by IMX, we are not just an account.” In addition, as a result of the merger between IMX and Landmark Global (part of bpostgroup), Promod has new channels to improve its logistics chain and shorten delivery times even further.

The agility, quality service and personalised support that we enjoy are real assets. Much more than a supplier, IMX is a true partner

Benoît Mascot, Manager of Upline/B2B/B2C Transport & Customs at Promod

IMX, international delivery platform

IMX is an international delivery service provider established in Paris since 1997. In partnership with 245 last mile delivery experts, IMX offers a wide range of cross-border delivery and return solutions for online retailers at optimised cost. IMX and Landmark Global merged in 2022.

Open your world

Landmark Global is the trusted international logistics partner that powers your e-commerce growth. Reaching up to 220 destinations, our services include international parcel delivery, customs clearance solutions and returns management. It’s our business to deliver your promise, wherever, whenever

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