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News Overview > Twistshake appreciates easier shipping and partnership approach

Twistshake appreciates easier shipping and partnership approach

18 July 2022 | 2 minutes read

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Behind an online shop in top quality baby products, we find a mature company shipping goods everywhere using different chanels. Initially founded after a babysitting experience involving clogging formula bottles, they now sell their products worldwide. Read why they work with Landmark Global for a growing part of their global parcel shipments.

While this Swedish retailer develops top products for babies, the company has grown into a mature business since its foundation back in 2015 with the goal to make everyday life as a parent with small children easier. Their increasing volume of online sales inspired them to look for additional courier services for specific destinations. One thing led to another, as they were charmed by the integrated solution and partnership approach offered by Landmark Global, including their ability to offer hybrid services by using both postal and commercial logistic operators.

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Preparing parcel shipments using a single IT-platform

To get their products delivered to a variety of Nordic and global destinations, Twistshake used to work directly with specific courier and postal services, depending on destination and parcel size amongst others. On the lookout for new logistic partners for their growing business, they got in touch with Landmark Global. Landmark Global proved its ability to manage the delivery of all kinds of parcels all over the world using an integrated IT-platform, Mercury. It allows for the shipment of parcels – whatever their destination or size – practically at the push of a button!

“Mercury makes shipping parcels very easy. After initially using it for specific European destinations we are gradually using it for additional destinations as we go along.”

Martin Åström, COO, Twistshake

Good communication and useful feedback pays off

“We appreciate Landmark Global’s proactive advice on all aspects of shipping. We also get useful feedback on the quality and compliance of our shipments so we can improve our way of working, and see our expectations managed very well. On top of that, we appreciate Landmark Global as a partner that keeps its promises.”

Open your world

Landmark Global is the trusted international logistics partner that powers your e-commerce growth. Reaching up to 220 destinations, our services include international parcel delivery, customs clearance solutions and returns management. It’s our business to deliver your promise, wherever, whenever

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