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News Overview > What British ecommerce challenges does Landmark Global answer?

What British ecommerce challenges does Landmark Global answer?

20 June 2022 | 4 minutes read

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An interview with

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Jonathan Simons

Deputy CEO, Landmark Global

British e-commerce had to deal with the consequences of Brexit and the global pandemic over the past years. Read the thoughts of Landmark Global’s Deputy CEO Jonathan Simons about how they support British e-retail focusing on cross border logistics, thus providing answers to the British e-commerce challenges.

2021 was a year like no other, as we felt the continued impact of COVID-19 as well as managing Brexit and Import One Stop Shop. Over this period of managing Brexit & IOSS Landmark Global remained ahead of the curve thanks to our in house customs brokers.

What retailer need do you fulfil?

We work with retailers of all sizes from small startups to multichannel retailers and help them navigate the complex landscape of global e-commerce. Equipped with our expertise, retailers can better understand their customers and identify their unique shipping needs. Landmark Global understands these requirements in the key e-commerce markets and has built solutions for these challenges.

How do you deliver on this retailer need?

Our company vision is embedded across the entire Landmark Global network. We are fully focused on delivering an excellent service to our customers whilst developing new products and services to the market. For example, we help retailers to optimise their returns management, which is a key pillar in today’s e-commerce business. With the challenge of Brexit and the world being more connected than ever, our expertise on cross-border customs clearance is also of great value to our customers. Doing this right is all about data. Customs control and customs clearance is data-driven nowadays. We help retailers ensure the data is complete and correct for a smooth clearance process.

“We help retailers to optimise their returns management, which is a key pillar in today’s e-commerce business.”

Jonathan Simons, Deputy CEO, Landmark Global

What aspects and success factors have contributed to Landmark Global’s growth?

We have experienced phenomenal growth over the past few years – especially since the global pandemic started in 2020. While planning for Brexit, we suddenly had to deal with the enormous peak in our retailers’ sales as a result of store closures and lockdown.

Over this period, we have relied on our people, planning and capacity. We are lucky to have highly killed transport and network teams that had the necessary expertise and foresight to guarantee the consistent flow of customers’ orders. Landmark Global also increased the capacity of its distribution centres close to Heathrow Airport to handle the increased parcel volumes.

Our continued growth has meant that in 2022 we are moving into a new UK facility that will double our capacity which enables our growth to continue.

What peak season challenges are you addressing for multichannel retailers?

Peak is always a huge challenge for retailers and our aim is to ensure our service does not fluctuate during this period. We are able to provide choice and in key e-commerce markets we have access to multiple delivery partners. This means that over peak we can move parcel volume very easily between carriers. As a result, the retailers we work with are able to maintain service levels and keep their consumers happy.

“We are able to provide choice and in key e-commerce markets we have access to multiple delivery partners. This means that over peak we can move parcel volume very easily between carriers.”

Jonathan Simons, Deputy CEO, Landmark Global

How are you using the emerging technology to support the retail growth?

We have an in house software called Mercury which is at the centre of everything we do. Logistics and cross-border provision of data from our customers is more important than ever and we pride ourselves in having software solutions that help retailers move their orders across borders into international markets. Through one simple integration, retailers can access a suite of Landmark Global services. Our software is connected to most of the e-commerce platforms which means that the development time for retailers to access Landmark Global is minimal.

What challenges do you predict in e-commerce? And how are you prepared to meet those challenges?

For the next coming years, consumer driven returns are the biggest challenge. The past 12 months has emphasised to online retailers that having a robust returns policy is a must. As cross-border trade continues to grow, returns will only increase. It is essential that retailers review how this works so that they offer a more positive experience to their customers. If the returns experience is positive the consumer is more likely to follow through with future purchases.

An important part of the returns process is to understand the logistics of how to retrieve the unwanted items. The main options are:

  • Provide a pre-paid label to your customer
  • Write them off and let the customer keep them – mainly for low value goods.
  • Let the customer post the items back and wait for their postage refund
  • Engage the services of a returns solution provider

As the world becomes even more connected, dealing with returns is as important as delivering the
original order to the consumer.

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