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Freedom to shop online is transforming how customs agencies manage duty, tax and de minimus regulations.

When it comes to tax and duty laws, be prepared for change

The rapidly growing e-commerce industry is leading to complications for the customs agencies around the world. The result is an ever-changing legal environment in which merchants must remain acutely aware of tax and duty laws or risk falling into a situation in which they end up facing significant scrutiny...

Don't let returns dip too deep into your profits.

Returns: Understanding the risk and why you may need help

Online retailers are expected to offer convenience and shopper-friendly policies at every phase of a transaction. But what happens when you can't really afford to keep up with the e-commerce giants who are offering free returns and changing consumer expectations about how to purchase goods online?In many cases, the...

E-commerce in Australia: trends, facts & figures

Australia poses unique logistical challenges that must be considered when developing e-commerce operations in the region. The nation features a growing, developed economy and a population of more than 24 million. However, the nation's population is spread out over more than 7,692,024 km2. The nation is the sixth-largest in...

Innovation is happening quickly in the distribution center sector.

E-commerce demand making multi-distribution center strategies essential

E-commerce has become such a fixture of modern society that the general public is willing to order just about anything online. Perishable goods, curated subscription boxes and personalized clothing items are regularly ordered online.What's more, product complexity isn't the only thing increasing, as the expectations around rapid shipping and...

Vitamins are among the products becoming popular.

E-commerce sector spotlight: Vitamins and wellness

The market for vitamins and wellness solutions is changing quickly. While demand remains high across the sectors, consumers are increasingly moving away from brick-and-mortar retail locations and turning to e-commerce to meet their their needs.This trend is disrupting everything from supply chains to shipping and fulfillment. As a result,...

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