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Innovation is happening quickly in the distribution center sector.

E-commerce demand making multi-distribution center strategies essential

E-commerce has become such a fixture of modern society that the general public is willing to order just about anything online. Perishable goods, curated subscription boxes and personalized clothing items are regularly ordered online.What's more, product complexity isn't the only thing increasing, as the expectations around rapid shipping and...

Vitamins are among the products becoming popular.

E-commerce sector spotlight: Vitamins and wellness

The market for vitamins and wellness solutions is changing quickly. While demand remains high across the sectors, consumers are increasingly moving away from brick-and-mortar retail locations and turning to e-commerce to meet their their needs.This trend is disrupting everything from supply chains to shipping and fulfillment. As a result,...

The subscription box market is growing quickly.

E-commerce sector spotlight: Subscription boxes

In 2011, subscription box services created approximately $57 million in revenue, McKinsey found after analyzing raw data from Internet Retailer. By 2016, that figure had grown to $2.6 billion. The subscription box market is exploding, leaving consumers and businesses scrambling to make sense of the industry.The good news for...

United Kingdom

E-commerce in United Kingdom: trends, facts & figures

The British economy is widely recognized as the fifth most prosperous in the world today. At the end of 2016, all online sales in the UK totaled £133 billion (€145.5 billion, $171.4 billion), making the UK the third largest e-commerce market in the world. For all trends and facts about...

E-commerce in Germany: trends, facts & figures

Germany is not only the biggest country in the European Union, it is also an economic and political powerhouse. The country has the biggest economy and the biggest e-commerce market in the European Union. For full facts and figures about the EU’s biggest e-commerce market, and all the trends, see...

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