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News Overview > Answering logistic challenges in French ecommerce

Answering logistic challenges in French ecommerce

18 July 2022 | 4 minutes read

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An interview with


Astrid Van Reempts

Director International Product & Customer Experience, Landmark Global

French e-commerce is growing rapidly and has some specific characteristics in terms of logistics. Landmark Global’s Director International Product & Customer Experience, Astrid Van Reempts, gives more details and explains how Landmark Global can add value to this market and its customers.

Not every e-commerce market is the same. The French market has its own delivery requirements and is showing a rapidly growing C2C business. We asked Astrid Van Reempts to tell us what challenges come with offering smooth deliveries, especially when shipping products abroad.

What characterises the French market when it comes to consumer deliveries?

When considering the French consumer market it is important to understand reliability and stability are more appreciated than fast deliveries. That fits perfectly with our service provision, since over 60% of our deliveries are done within two to five days (the so-called ‘economy express’), and only 6% of our delivery volume is an ‘express service’ provided within 24hrs. This is not the case in other markets like for example the UK, where 11% of deliveries are required within 24hrs. It is clear that, certainly in France, quality of delivery is a crucial part of a brand’s perception. So any retailer wanting to work in the French e-commerce business needs to be aware of that and carefully select a logistic partner, who can help them guarantee a reliable and stable delivery service.

“Quality of delivery is a crucial part of a brand’s perception. Reliability and stability are more appreciated than fast deliveries.”

Astrid Van Reempts, Director International Product & Customer Experience, Landmark Global

What logistic challenges did Brexit bring, as it separates the UK from the European single market?

International deliveries and returns come with more challenges for e-commerce providers than local or European services. That is why Brexit temporarily led to a decrease in e-commerce to and from the UK. But once all new procedures were in place, it is no different from doing business with other international markets like the US or Canada.

That said, there are two conditions e-commerce providers should focus on when working internationally. It is crucial to get the data right. Making sure all data are correct and complete will enable a smooth clearance process. The other key thing is working with the right partners who have the competence and knowledge to help you navigate all requirements using adapted logistics and software tools.

“E-commerce players should focus on collecting proper data and working with expert logistic partners to guarantee reliable deliveries around the globe.”

Astrid Van Reempts, Director International Product & Customer Experience, Landmark Global

In some ways Brexit also brings opportunities for retailers wanting to grow and invest in the UK market. There is less competition as a lot of players have left the market so for those companies having the data and logistic partners in place, the UK market is full of opportunities.

The C2C market is growing in France. What challenges are C2C retailers facing?

The C2C market, where consumers sell and buy directly from each other, is indeed growing rapidly in France. Sellers are typically aged between 25 and 35, showcasing their products and services through easily accessible websites which offer smooth logistic solutions that are easy to understand. For these retailers too it is a challenge to make sure their level of service, up until final delivery, is as good as it sounds on their website, so customers come back for a next purchase.

How can Landmark Global bring value to French e-commerce?

About 22% of France’s e-commerce goods are exported to Belgium, making it the largest export country for France. Being part of the Bpost group, Landmark Global is by far a suited partner for the French e-commerce business, as we offer a comprehensive service to make correct deliveries on time, including an excellent last-mile offer. On top of that, we can do much more as we have access to a solid European and international logistics network, including the US and Canada.

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