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News Overview > Deliver Amsterdam 2024: Post-Event Summary, Learnings

Deliver Amsterdam 2024: Post-Event Summary, Learnings

12 June 2024 | 4 minutes read

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Deliver Amsterdam is a must-visit event for logistics experts. It’s more than just a conference – it’s an opportunity to network, exchange experiences, and gain a new perspective. This year's edition took place on 5-6 June 2024, bringing together key players in e-commerce, online retail and cross-border trade. What did we learn from the event? Find it out in this summary!

Deliver Amsterdam 2024: Key Information on the Event

Events like Deliver Amsterdam 2024 are excellent for learning about and discussing current e-commerce market trends. Whether you knew all about them and sought a different point of view or wanted to explore particular shifts in the market, you could do that at this event. Therefore, to begin our summary, let’s briefly go through the key info about Deliver Amsterdam 2024.

This year’s edition addressed several key areas in the future of the industry, namely:

  • tech revolution in retail,

  • improving day-to-day logistics operations,

  • sustainability in supply chains,

  • evolving ethical standards in retail,

  • future consumer trends,

  • data-driven supply chain and retail.

The lectures took place on three different stages, with some key industry players presenting their opinions on the above mentioned topics. Naturally, some of these lectures were presented simultaneously, so one could not make it to all of them. Nevertheless, it was an extremely insightful experience.

Apart from the conference part, we must not forget about networking – a crucial element of events like Deliver Amsterdam 2024. The event venue was filled with vendor stalls where you could meet key figures from the logistics industry, chat with them and exchange opinions. You could also find us there along with our partners from Bpost and stop for a quick talk.

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Naturally, networking wasn’t limited just to the vendor stalls. We also got the opportunity to network in a less formal atmosphere during the post-event party on 5 June. This was a great opportunity to build atmosphere and relationships with our industry colleagues and partners, so if you’re planning to attend the event next year – don’t miss the party.

Key Learnings from Deliver Amsterdam 2024

Let’s focus more on what we learned from Deliver Amsterdam 2024. What are the key insights from this conference? We’ve prepared a brief overview of them below.

Returns Management Is Critical

First, we shall look at something we attempt to polish with our services – returns management. Quite a few lectures underlined the importance of frictionless customer experiences during the event, but it was Marko Kiers’ Enhancing customer experience through effective returns management that truly spoke to us.

During his time at the stage, Kiers not only underlined the importance of returns management in delivering excellent customer experiences (which we also pointed out several times in our articles) but also gave practical tips on how to improve the process. This is quite important for the whole industry, as it builds awareness about returns, which are often overlooked by e-tailers, and shows how they can be turned into a competitive advantage.

Warehouse Automation – A Key Driving Factor for Optimisation

A lot has also been said about warehouse automation. After all, it’s something that hasn’t yet been introduced by all warehouse managers, while it comes with significant benefits. The key takes on this matter included:

  • Future-proofing warehouses with intelligent automation (Mark Richardson) – This talk explained the benefits coming with AI-powered automation and how to transform your warehouse using it.

  • Does the increase in warehouse automation still justify the use of outsourcing models? (Christian Neumayer) – This talk, on the other hand, talked about the issues of warehouse automation vs. outsourcing, discussing the pros and cons of both options.

  • Building efficiency in existing sites while looking to the future (Jamie Spencer, John Wilson, Royanna Chappell) – This panel was focused on a particular case study portraying how to maximise efficiency using new solutions (including warehouse automation).

The Approach to Sustainability Changes

Sustainability has long been discussed in numerous industries, including logistics. As one of the main themes of Deliver Amsterdam 2024, quite a few speakers were discussing it as well. We also listened to them with keen interest, especially regarding our green last-mile delivery innovations in Belgium.

What did we learn? We need to proceed towards regeneration in the future. What is more, we really liked Supply chain interruption: Adapting to the new normal, presentation by Guido Jacobs, where both resilience and sustainability have been shown as the future goals in the industry.

The Takeaway

Deliver Amsterdam 2024 was an event full of learning, networking and building business relationships. If you didn’t attend it or are considering doing so in the next year, we strongly recommend it – it’s one of the best and biggest industry conferences each year!

Also, we recommend our last year’s summary – Deliver Amsterdam 2023: Unveiling E-commerce Trends and Achieving Cross-Border Success

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