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News Overview > Green and Efficient Parcel Delivery to Belgium: Sustainable Solutions by Landmark Global and bpost

Green and Efficient Parcel Delivery to Belgium: Sustainable Solutions by Landmark Global and bpost

22 June 2023 | 3 minutes read

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Looking for opportunities to grow your e-commerce business in Belgium in the most sustainable way? Rely on our international end-to-end logistic solutions as part of bpostgroup.

Belgians are enthusiastic online shoppers and often order abroad!

Belgian has nearly 8 million online shoppers, not too bad for a country of 11 million inhabitants. On top of that, 55% of online orders are cross-border and half of them have a value of over 50 euros. 90% of Belgian online shoppers prefer home or pick-up point deliveries!

For international shipments to Belgian destinations, we work with our sister company, the Belgian national postal operator bpost for the last mile. As we are part of the same bpostgroup, on top of having thousands of skilled operators, bpost has the densest last-mile network, manages an extensive fleet, and offers advanced delivery options. bpost delivers parcels to any Belgian destination on the next working day. So, choosing Landmark Global for shipments to Belgium offers you smooth and fast deliveries, making your customers happy in return.

Go for the most sustainable delivery route to Belgium

Besides convenience, we can also offer you the most sustainable delivery options through our partnership with bpost, as it progressively makes its operations as green as possible on different levels. On top of solar panels, reusable packaging and smart routing they invest in:

  • An ever-greener fleet: 40% of bpost's vehicle fleet is already sustainable, consisting of electric vans, e-bikes, and LNG trucks. Green vehicles are being added to the fleet every day, and bpost aims to have an overall green fleet by 2030.
  • Emission-free city deliveries: bpost invests in 100% carbon dioxide-free delivery zones (Ecozones). These are already in place in 14 cities and will soon be implemented in all major Belgian cities. This has a considerable impact on making that famous last mile in delivery greener.
  • Delivery preference reduces overall mileage: via the MyPreferences platform, Belgian customers can collect parcels when and where it suits them best: home delivery (including drop-off at a preferred neighbor or in a safe place chosen by the customer), delivery in more than 2,900 pick-up points or in parcel lockers. By 2030 bpost will have more than 4,000 pick-up points. This reduces the risk of parcels not being delivered because customers are not at home or have too small a mailbox, and reduces unnecessary mileage and congestion. Check our report on parcel delivery in Belgium to understand all preferences of online shoppers in Belgium.
  • Easy return via swapping: when receiving a parcel at home, customers can return another parcel via the postal operator instead of having to go to a drop-off point or the post office themselves. On top of convenience, this reduces the carbon footprint.

When it comes to delivering your parcels to Belgian customers you can count on Landmark Global. Together with bpost, we offer a smooth end-to-end solution in the most sustainable way and with the greatest flexibility and convenience for your customer.

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