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News Overview > ICS2 Release 3 on 3 June – Be Prepared

ICS2 Release 3 on 3 June – Be Prepared

10 June 2024 | 4 minutes read

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On June 3, 2024, the European Union will implement the third and final phase of the Import Control System 2 (ICS2) initiative, a major milestone in enhancing the security and efficiency of international trade – Release 3. This new release aims to tighten customs controls and streamline the importation process for goods entering the EU. What will change, and how do you need to prepare? Find it out in this article.

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Key Facts About ICS2 Release 3

We have already mentioned Release 3 in our previous article, where we answered 5 key questions about ICS2. Release 3 is currently planned for 3 June 2024, though there are time windows for businesses which won’t be able to prepare on time. What will change? The best way to answer this question is to go over the key features of the Import Control System 2 Release 3.

Who Does ICS2 Release 3 Affect?

First of all, Release 3 will affect economic operators carrying products by sea, inland waterways, road and rail. Despite the initial date of 3 June 2024, the legislator understands that not every operator might be prepared on time. Therefore, depending on the mode of transport, you will find different, later dates to adhere to the new legislation.

  • Maritime and inland waterway carriers – 4 December 2024.

  • Maritime and inland waterway filers – 1 April 2025.

  • Road and rail carriers – 1 September 2025.

However, to be granted extra time, as shown above, you need to contact the National Service Desk of the given EU Member State at least one month before the officially scheduled go-live dates, namely:

  • Maritime and inland waterway carriers – 3 June 2024.

  • Maritime and inland waterway filers – 4 December 2024.

  • Road and rail carriers – 1 April 2025.

The deployment window isn’t applicable by default. Hence, if you do not apply accordingly, you will be obliged to follow the initial go-live dates.

What Does ICS2 Release 3 Change?

Secondly, we must look at the changes introduced by the Import Control System 2 Release 3. These are focused on the accuracy of the ENS data provided by the economic operators, who will need to derive this data from their clients. What will need to be included?

  • HS code – You need to ensure that it is correct.

  • EORI numbers of the parties – As an economic operator importing goods to the EU, you will be required to provide the EORI numbers of the parties involved. You may verify the EORI numbers in an official EU EORI validator.

  • Information about the seller and buyer – If the transaction is commercial. It is still mandatory to provide information about the owner of the goods if the transaction is non-commercial and the final destination lies within the borders of the EU.

Preparing for ICS2 Release 3

Since the final dates are approaching and the ICS2 Release 3 is almost live, there is not much time for preparation. However, you still need to use this time to get ready and avoid any potential customs clearance issues. How do you prepare?

Review Your IT Systems

The first step you should take is evaluating your IT infrastructure. Here, you should focus on whether your systems are capable of generating and transmitting the required data in the correct format. In cases they cannot, you might need to update or change your software.

Run a Mandatory Self-Conformance Test

As a part of the preparation, you must also run a mandatory self-conformance test. You can find detailed information about it in the official EU documentation.

Review Your Processes

Even a good IT system won’t do the job for you. To ensure that you are capable of providing all the data in a timely manner, you need to start from the beginning – review the way this data is collected. This way, you may spot bottlenecks which could make compliance with the ICS2 Release 3 more difficult for you.

Contact Your Logistics Partner

Finally, make sure that your logistics partners are on board with the changes. Together, find ways and solutions to ensure quick and seamless data exchange.

At Landmark Global, we are prepared for the ICS2 Release 3. We have introduced highly vetted procedures to ensure that our parcel delivery service is compliant with the new law and that your goods pass the EU border without issues. Thanks to this, we will deliver your parcels on time, every time.

The Takeaway

Although the extra requirements introduced with ICS2 Release 3 might involve some additional work, in the end, they are introduced to ensure smooth trade between parties from the inside and outside of the EU. Therefore, follow our tips, consult the official EU page on the latest changes and prepare your business for the new.

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