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Read more about our latest updates and developments and discover how we assist our clients around the world.

LG Article Header Peak Period v02
3 minutes read

Take advantage of these 8 tips to manage the peak season

Peak season lies ahead! It brings huge opportunities, but many challenges as well. Discover some tips to be prepared for success, and learn how Landmark Global plans ahead according to Director International Operations EU Sven De Lissnyder, and how it’s important to try to predict the unpredictable, even in current volatile times.

Pexels kindel media 6868618
4 minutes read

How the Landmark Global and IMX merger benefits your e-commerce

Landmark Global’s acquisition of IMX benefits both parties and their customers. The expansion of logistics services and scale-up will mean faster deliveries, competitive rates and extra opportunities. Read what Elke Segers of Landmark Global and Laurent Cayet of IMX say about expected synergies for e-tailers.

Country Factsheet Beeld 2022 UK EN
Less than 1 minute read

Facts and figures on cross-border UK e-commerce

In this factsheet covering the UK cross-border e-commerce market you can find out, among other things, what countries and online marketplaces UK customers buy from and what their key preferences are when ordering packages online abroad.

61f24ec682066d50df82ed4b 608007ed1d246556ef6137ad Notino
3 minutes read

E-commerce giant Notino accelerates online sales due to customized delivery solutions

Notino is one of the best-known success stories in Czech online sales industry. The e-commerce giant sells millions of perfumeries and cosmetic items across all of Europe and in the UK. They challenge their French and English competitors with their wide arsenal of qualitative products and speed of delivery.

E commerce Sheet Beeld 2022 France EN
Less than 1 minute read

Facts and figures on cross-border French e-commerce

In this factsheet covering the French cross-border e-commerce market you can find out what countries and online marketplaces French customers buy from and how they like to shop and pay when ordering packages online abroad.

LG Article Beeld New Customer Mailog 2
3 minutes read

Landmark Global is running the extra mile for Mailog’s parcel deliveries to the EU and US

As Landmark Global proved to be an excellent European wide service provider for Israeli parcel company Mailog, they also entrusted us with shipping large volumes of parcels to the US. Learn more about our approach and services for Mailog.

LG E book Beeld Eastern Europe 2022 EN
Less than 1 minute read

Boost your online business in Eastern Europe

Our updated e-book takes you through the most important cross-border e-commerce trends and developments in Eastern Europe. The countries covered include large countries like Poland, mid-sized countries like Hungary and smaller countries like Lithuania and Slovenia.

Nasa Q1p7bh3 S Hj8 unsplash
3 minutes read

Offering reliable delivery in uncertain times

“We live in interesting times”. In view of the many different challenges facing shippers and delivery operators at present, this well-known and timeless Chinese saying is certainly true as we approach this year’s peak season. What lies ahead in the coming months and next year?

Li yang 5h d Mu X 7 RE unsplash
3 minutes read

Discover our new solution to ship ecommerce products to China & South-East Asia

As an e-commerce retailer, it plays to your advantage when your items are delivered on time and without hidden surprises of VAT and duty costs. But when you’re shipping from Europe and the UK to the other side of the world, it’s almost impossible to guarantee a flawless supply chain by yourself.

LG Article Beeld Crossborder Challenges EN
4 minutes read

Answering logistic challenges in French ecommerce

French ecommerce is growing rapidly and has some specific characteristics in terms of logistics. Landmark Global’s Director International Product & Customer Experience, Astrid Van Reempts, gives more details and explains how Landmark Global can add value to this market and its customers.

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