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LG Article Beeld US New Solution

Get parcels to the US faster with shortened transit times

Parcels sent to the US can be delivered significantly faster as Landmark Global flies directly to 5 international airports. This gives European retailers a major advantage when shipping products to the US. Combined with smooth customs handling and a solid tracking system, customers’ questions on a parcel’s journey are answered easily.

LG Article Beeld Crossborder Challenges EN

Answering logistic challenges in French ecommerce


French ecommerce is growing rapidly and has some specific characteristics in terms of logistics. Landmark Global’s Director International Product & Customer Experience, Astrid Van Reempts, gives more details and explains how Landmark Global can add value to this market and its customers.

LG E book Beeld Western Europe 2022 EN

A guide to the cross-border ecommerce landscape in Western Europe


Our updated e-book surveys the major cross-border e-commerce trends and developments across 12 countries in Western Europe. The countries covered include large countries like the UK and Germany, mid-sized countries like Ireland and Portugal, as well as one small country, Luxembourg.

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Twistshake appreciates easier shipping and partnership approach

Customer Stories

Behind an online shop in top quality baby products, we find a mature company shipping goods everywhere using different chanels. Initially founded after a babysitting experience involving clogging formula bottles, they now sell their products worldwide. Read why they work with Landmark Global for a growing part of their global parcel shipments.

E commerce Sheet Beeld 2022 Germany EN

Facts and figures on cross-border German ecommerce


In this factsheet covering the German cross-border e-commerce market you can find out, among other things, what countries and online marketplaces German customers buy from and how they like to shop and pay when ordering packages online abroad.

LG Article Beeld UK Market IRX EN

What British ecommerce challenges does Landmark Global answer?


British e-commerce had to deal with the consequences of Brexit and the global pandemic over the past years. Read the thoughts of Landmark Global’s Deputy CEO Jonathan Simons about how they support British e-retail focusing on cross border logistics, thus providing answers to the British challenges.

LG Article Beeld UK New Customer One Choice Apparel

Faster deliveries and less returns for One Choice Apparel

Customer Stories

One Choice Apparel saw its online business grow steadily over the last years. Hick-ups in the logistic part of their supply chain made them shift to Landmark Global to deliver all products in the UK home market and abroad. This led to faster deliveries, less returns and complaints, helping them to boost their business significantly.

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