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Read more about our latest updates and developments and discover how we assist our clients around the world.

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3 minutes read

Interview with Jonathan Matchett: Putting Customers First - Landmark Global UK's Commitment

Join us for an enlightening interview with Jonathan Matchett, Senior Vice President of Landmark Global UK, as he shares insights on how we put customers first. Discover Landmark Global UK's unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service and hands-on account management, ensuring that every customer feels valued and important.

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3 minutes read

Navigating Norway's New VAT Regulations: What E-commerce Sellers Need to Know

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, staying ahead of shifting regulations is crucial. Norway, a thriving market for online businesses, is introducing significant changes to its VAT regulations in 2024. These updates are designed to streamline the taxation process for cross-border sales, but what exactly do they mean for e-commerce sellers?

2023 07 Landmark Global Wish
3 minutes read

Exclusive Discounted Logistics: Landmark Global Partners with Wish for E- commerce Success

Wish is one of the largest global e-commerce platforms, connecting millions of value-conscious consumers to thousands of merchants around the world. Beginning in July 2023, Wish and Landmark Global are thrilled to roll out an exclusive logistics partnership.

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3 minutes read

Optimizing Parcel Delivery to Germany: Sustainable Solutions for E-Commerce Growth

Looking to expand your online business in Germany? Explore key delivery and sustainability preferences among German web shoppers for a successful venture. Gain valuable insights from Julie Pringle, Network Development Manager at Landmark Global.

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3 minutes read

9 Proven Strategies for Reducing Cart Abandonment in E-commerce in 2023

Cart abandonment is a common challenge faced by e-commerce businesses during the checkout process. By analyzing the latest statistics from 2022, we can gain valuable insights into the reasons behind cart abandonment, its effects on conversion rates, and effective strategies to optimize the checkout experience.

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3 minutes read

Green and Efficient Parcel Delivery to Belgium: Sustainable Solutions by Landmark Global and bpost

Looking for opportunities to grow your e-commerce business in Belgium in the most sutainable way? Rely on our international end-to-end logistic solutions as part of the bpostgroup.

3 minutes read

Deliver Amsterdam 2023: Unveiling E-commerce Trends and Achieving Cross-Border Success

Positioned as one of the major industry events in Europe, Deliver Amsterdam 2023 brought together key players, retailers, and industry experts for an immersive experience centered around e-commerce and cross-border success.

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3 minutes read

Maximise E-commerce Growth with smooth Parcel Delivery to USA and Canada

Delivering packages to and within North America has always been a core service for Landmark Global. Changes in automation and routing from our state-of-the-art facilities at London Heathrow has speeded up and optimised delivery even more. Discover how we can power your e-commerce growth to the USA and Canada.

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2 minutes read

Affordable and reliable delivery: the key to smartphoto's ecommerce success

There is no occasion smartphoto doesn’t have a perfect photo product for. Its success also depends on reliable partners for on-time and affordable delivery of their products. Discover how Landmark Global supports smartphoto in helping them to keep their customers happy.

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4 minutes read

ICS2 Explained: Answering 5 Key Questions to help you to be prepared

As from 1 March 2023 Release 2 of the EU ICS2 regulation has taken effect. It brings some additional obligations when shipping parcels to the EU. Want to find out the latest updates on Release 2 and the outlook of Release 3? Discover it all in the interview with Landmark Global’s expert Peter Smet.

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