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What are incoterms
4 minutes read

What Are Incoterms®?

What does Incoterms® mean? This stands for International Commercial Terms, a set of rules coined by the International Chamber of Commerce in 1936. They were created for the sake of international trade as a way to standardize it by defining the responsibilities of the parties involved in cross-border transactions. While they are not mandatory, they can be incorporated into contracts and become legally binding. Do you wish to learn more? Then read on!

Trade agreements
4 minutes read

Trade Agreements and Their Impact on International Shipping from the UK

What are trade agreements? These are negotiated terms regarding trade between two or more countries. They might include tariffs, quotas, restrictions on imports and exports, and provisions (e.g., intellectual property rights, investment protection, etc.). Currently, the UK is legally bound by 38 trade agreements that impact international shipping to a total of 47 countries.

Country Factsheet Beeld 2022 UK EN
Less than 1 minute read

Top 10 essential facts about UK e-commerce in 2024

In this factsheet covering the UK cross-border e-commerce market you can find out, among other things, what countries and online marketplaces UK customers buy from and what their key preferences are when ordering packages online abroad.

Screencapture xendo co landmark global 2024 02 13 15 52 12
2 minutes read

Simplify EU Sales: Landmark Global Teams Up with Xendo for UK Sellers

UK sellers, simplify your EU sales process with our latest partnership! Landmark Global has teamed up with Xendo to offer a seamless solution for UK-based businesses shipping to EU customers. Say goodbye to the complexities of IOSS registration and hello to effortless cross-border transactions.

Linnworks Landmark video interview 29 11 23
4 minutes read

Navigating Cross-Border E-commerce with Jonathan Matchett

Discover the keys to international e-commerce success as Jonathan Matchett, Senior Vice President at Landmark Global UK, shares invaluable insights. Explore myths, Walmart partnerships, success stories, and future trends. Learn how Landmark Global, in collaboration with Linnworks, empowers businesses for seamless cross-border solutions.

Hey Rusty Postcard A5 2023 1
2 minutes read

Unlocking Global Markets: Hey Rusty's Ecommerce Strategy for Music Merchandise Shipping

Hey Rusty is busy shipping thousands of music merchandise items worldwide. Faced with the challenge of getting all these parcels labeled and shipped cross-border, they sought assistance from Shiptheory and Landmark Global. The solutions these partners provided have been music to their ears.

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3 minutes read

Simplify Parcel Shipments from the UK with Happy-Post

Discover a hassle-free way to send parcels for small businesses and individuals. Our tailored solution, HappyPost, is designed to streamline your shipping experience at the best price. Easily print your label and drop off your parcel at a nearby collection point.

F0219 210928 Bpost DAY02 LOC03 1371 v3 0 0 72 RGB
4 minutes read

Optimizing E-Commerce with PUDO: A Comprehensive Guide to Pick Up Drop Off Collections

Although delivering parcels at customers’ doorsteps is still quite common, consumers are increasingly open to alternatives. PUDO delivery points are spreading over the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. We asked Landmark Global’s expert Astrid Van Reempts to tell us about the ins and outs, as well as the benefits PUDO brings.

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5 minutes read

Strategies for Proactive Peak Season Planning and Collaborative Success

Peak is upon us! With ecommerce growth up vs last year, and much of that growth coming from cross-border selling, it makes more sense than ever to plan early for peak success. In the spirit of collaboration, here Andy De Souza, Senior Director of Operations at Landmark Global UK, sets out some pointers to prepare for the peak journey ahead.

Promod scaled
3 minutes read

Revolutionizing Parcel Delivery: How Promod Streamlined Operations with IMX

Promod is a chain of ready-to-wear stores in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland, and an online shopping platform across the whole of Europe. To simplify deliveries and cut costs, the family concern reviewed its transport plan for e-commerce sales and found IMX to be the perfect partner.