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Read more about our latest updates and developments and discover how we assist our clients around the world.

Linnworks Landmark video interview 29 11 23
4 minutes read

Navigating Cross-Border E-commerce with Jonathan Matchett

Discover the keys to international e-commerce success as Jonathan Matchett, Senior Vice President at Landmark Global UK, shares invaluable insights. Explore myths, Walmart partnerships, success stories, and future trends. Learn how Landmark Global, in collaboration with Linnworks, empowers businesses for seamless cross-border solutions.

Hey Rusty Postcard A5 2023 1
2 minutes read

Unlocking Global Markets: Hey Rusty's Ecommerce Strategy for Music Merchandise Shipping

Hey Rusty is busy shipping thousands of music merchandise items worldwide. Faced with the challenge of getting all these parcels labeled and shipped cross-border, they sought assistance from Shiptheory and Landmark Global. The solutions these partners provided have been music to their ears.

Promod scaled
3 minutes read

Revolutionizing Parcel Delivery: How Promod Streamlined Operations with IMX

Promod is a chain of ready-to-wear stores in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland, and an online shopping platform across the whole of Europe. To simplify deliveries and cut costs, the family concern reviewed its transport plan for e-commerce sales and found IMX to be the perfect partner.

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2 minutes read

Optimizing International Shipments: Teemill's Path to Sustained Growth

Sustainable print-on-demand company Teemill's business is growing steadily, with an increasing number of products sent to all corners of the world. Smooth delivery is an important part of customer satisfaction. Therefore, they needed to optimise shipment organisation and carrier options.

Funideas og 1
2 minutes read

Affordable and reliable delivery: the key to smartphoto's ecommerce success

There is no occasion smartphoto doesn’t have a perfect photo product for. Its success also depends on reliable partners for on-time and affordable delivery of their products. Discover how Landmark Global supports smartphoto in helping them to keep their customers happy.

3 minutes read

Optimizing Ecommerce Delivery: Our Logistics Success Story with an Eyewear Webshop

Czech-based eyewear supplier Alensa built her brand through 15 years of successful online sales to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. Today, Alensa ships more than 1 000 000 orders annually from its warehouse in the region of South Bohemia, to customers of the European Union, UK, Switzerland, Ukraine and UAE.

61f24ec682066d50df82ed4b 608007ed1d246556ef6137ad Notino
3 minutes read

E-commerce giant Notino accelerates online sales due to customized delivery solutions

Notino is one of the best-known success stories in Czech online sales industry. The e-commerce giant sells millions of perfumeries and cosmetic items across all of Europe and in the UK. They challenge their French and English competitors with their wide arsenal of qualitative products and speed of delivery.

LG Article Beeld New Customer Mailog 2
3 minutes read

Landmark Global is running the extra mile for Mailog’s parcel deliveries to the EU and US

As Landmark Global proved to be an excellent European wide service provider for Israeli parcel company Mailog, they also entrusted us with shipping large volumes of parcels to the US. Learn more about our approach and services for Mailog.

LG headerbeeld SE Twist Shake v01
2 minutes read

Twistshake appreciates easier shipping and partnership approach

Behind an online shop in top quality baby products, we find a mature company shipping goods everywhere using different chanels. Initially founded after a babysitting experience involving clogging formula bottles, they now sell their products worldwide. Read why they work with Landmark Global for a growing part of their global parcel shipments.

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